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New CFB game for $30. Is it any good? (Maximum Football 2019)


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  1. Not The Expert says

    20% OFF Manscaped + Free
    Shipping code NTE20 at http://bit.ly/2SmYPi3

  2. Guardians Creed says

    How could you not see Cincinnati Bearcats with the north Cincinnati whatever it was

  3. Zachary Rich says

    They can make every logo from scratch and ea can’t even add new ones. Take my money idc how bad the gameplay is they’re trying more than EA at this point

  4. Kareem C says

    Better gameplay than madden in a way

  5. No Body says

    The Krabby patty joke killed me low key ?

  6. Chase Miller says

    I actually really enjoyed this game. I hope youll pickup MF 2020, they have an upgraded engine, and they could really use the popularity boost

  7. Upside down says

    This is why people keep buying madden

  8. Non binary Refrigerator says

    Honestly if they had like 20 people working on the game it would be better then madden

  9. Freezie Pop says

    Hell yeah North Cincinnati!

  10. Justin Stone says

    Brb gotta go wash my hair

  11. Suomi Trapz says

    SB is slotback

  12. RedMo46 says

    'Why would I wanna sprint with 'X'?? Me: Sweats nervously while I remap my controls to sprint with X

  13. Zack Blackwood says

    How is Panda Express? It's not a thing here

  14. Trey Nolen says

    Is the “Huntington Bass” supposed to be Marshall University

  15. Kingdom Citizenship says

    They need to stop trying to copy NCAA with the recruiting aspect. Are games that scared to be unique that they have to mimic EA in all of their design aspects.

  16. Jackson NHL says

    Huntington is supposed to be Marshall

  17. Austen Davis says

    Lol Stadia isn't dead yet? How am I still getting ads for that corpse?

  18. TheOneCheetah says

    If this game could get funding for a bigger development team, this game could get a lot better. It has a good foundation to build on

  19. YOUR DAD says

    Gameplay starts at 12:31

  20. trebussey23 says


  21. Torjaun Sora says

    I do you like that you can make Logos and teams and everything

  22. Torjaun Sora says

    In my opinion it’s terrible

  23. Akut Fire says

    When u can't afford Madden.

  24. Derek says

    14:06 obito is that you ?

  25. JGS GAMING says

    Nope. shoulder pad models are terrible

  26. nick amalfitano says

    PS2 Madden/NCAA was light years beyond this game. Is Doug Flutie that hard up, that he was willing to sign up for this?

  27. ManLikeMarc says

    ''the premier ball trimmer on the market''

  28. Unspherdcomb6 says

    I really hope no one spent their money on this thinking it would be a good game

  29. jim l says

    Anythings better then Madden rehashed by EA with micro milk your wallet transactions lol

  30. imapieface says


  31. Raven Yt says

    12:20 begin of game why u take so long

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