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SEASON 2: Jackson State vs Alcorn State

series playlist –

RULES: No Matter how good we get we will never have a 5 star recruit. if we become a 5 or 6 star program we will only go after ten 4 star guys all year. that’s for in-season and off-season recruiting. if we become a 3 to 4 star program it will be only five 4 star recruits in total that we can target.

since we are a 1 star program we can only recruit 1 and 2 star players. we can only target a total of ten 2 star guys. some may choice to go elsewhere but since we used that target we can only replace them with a 1 star player. if it is a 4 star guy when we get to that level, we would replace him with a 3 start or lower.

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  1. moyo4eva says

    Beneath the shade of giant trees baby!!! And for the last time Dawkins say the name of my school right. It’s pronounced All- corn!!! All- Corn, not Al-corn. Please say it right mane, great vid.

  2. Green Army team says

    Defense did its job ,this team will be good i. 2 years

  3. King_Matth says

    hey listen your qb play skills should be off the charts man come on !!!!! you cant be throwing no more interceptions man!!!!! lol but other than that i enjoy your content

  4. Young K says

    U get a lil to man happy lol

  5. Dialedup 1032 says

    The soul bowl!!

  6. wisc cheese says

    I’m going to wait till next season

  7. trivon mitchell says

    Man i need this game lol

  8. GhostDaddy says

    "The homie long" lol

  9. Ernest Lyons says

    Natty in 3 years

  10. Tom A says

    This is my favorite series on Youtube. I love the challenge Miles gives himself. We will get through these troubles!!! Go Tigers!

  11. Pantz 1988 says

    Keep doing you Miles love all your content. Jackson State will get there.

  12. TPS says

    I got rainbow road flashbacks.

  13. LJ Tv says

    I’m calling it . Lester’s gonna win the heisman his senior year .

  14. Kablam 89 says

    Love the zoom/instant replay cam, keep using that edit. You got to let Lester stay in the pocket sometimes and let him throw a few streaks, had some nice 1-on-1's that were completely wasted

  15. Brent Clark says

    All I know is you need to stop rolling directly into sacks bruh ???‍♂️

  16. YouStupid Foo says

    I can't wait for next season for Jackson State!

  17. Quentin Williams says

    We need a HB with some speed, and maybe a kicker, next recruiting class ?

  18. Kameron Ivory says

    Disappointed y’all lost to Alcorn State, but the potential of this team I’m excited about

  19. 流FL0W says

    LMAO two fumbles on consecutive possessions broski you always have the worst luck but it’s so freakin hilarious ????? love this series bro plz keep it up until you are national champs.

    We would all (plus more) watch 12+ months from now if it actually took you that long

  20. bloody knuckles says

    The tigers look like the team I know football played for his first season

  21. RealRosters2012 says

    Coach we dont wanna see the nat, bring that recruiting and training in. We seen 9ls I wanna see jackson state with a capiatl J

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