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SEASON 2: National Championship Game USC vs Florida

series playlist –

RULES: No Matter how good we get we will never have a 5 star recruit. if we become a 5 or 6 star program we will only go after ten 4 star guys all year. that’s for in-season and off-season recruiting. if we become a 3 to 4 star program it will be only five 4 star recruits in total that we can target.

since we are a 1 star program we can only recruit 1 and 2 star players. we can only target a total of ten 2 star guys. some may choice to go elsewhere but since we used that target we can only replace them with a 1 star player. if it is a 4 star guy when we get to that level, we would replace him with a 3 start or lower.

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  1. lil bud says

    That Chris Leak not Alexander! Love the channel man. Love this game.

  2. Paul Simmons says

    "Hold your water" ?….I haven't heard that since i played h.s football(c/o 2000)….you took me back with that one.

  3. LopezM says

    Play Florida next season fuck it, your an got this in his second season!

  4. Thomas Fulton says

    What are you playing on? I can't get it to play on xbox360

  5. s posey2 says

    That ECU running back that tore you up… Chris Johnson

  6. Jakub Skora says

    Only fitting for Jackson State to play Jacksonville State

  7. ARIEL GOLD says

    Bush and white being in the backfield with Booty is weird

  8. Debonair Broughton says

    How many minute quarters do you play

  9. Dialedup 1032 says

    Put Baylor on the schedule

  10. Dialedup 1032 says

    We need that alcorn state game early I love the soul bowl!!

  11. chase parker says

    I laughed out loud hearing you talk after usc failed the 2 point attempt

  12. roljamas says

    I think I know what the news is, and it involves the color pink ?

  13. Logan McIntyre says

    Love to see you play Colorado St.

  14. MarkFresh says

    Not sure how I feel about this one. I’d rather see you get on with the new season fuk usc and Florida lol but still liked the contest as always brotha ???

  15. Garrett Wampler says

    Schedule the winner of the national championship for your first game and the rest of the schedule do teams on your level! That would be fun to do. I do that all the time

  16. B. J. says

    would love to see you play Eastern Michigan, I love building them up in these games plus they're a beatable team lol. Love this series Miles, hoping for a bowl game this upcoming season!

  17. Tyler Richardson says

    Best YouTube of all time

  18. Lilblackdynamite 24 says

    This channel is underrated

  19. remicxz says

    would love to see an away game against THE Ohio State University next season

  20. Big Barron says

    What's up Miles Dawkins

  21. James West says

    How you put it on 3 mins lol

  22. Crocket Athlete says

    What a game

  23. Cyril Moore says

    It's the fake championship game

  24. thejfactor1 says

    Max out the CPU sliders for the national championship game

  25. Loren Nehls says

    Play against Oregon state please

  26. AYO B says

    Chris Leak with that beautiful pass to young Percy (maybe)

  27. Pantz 1988 says

    Double upload one on here and watch Coach Dawkins earlier. Again Miles love the content. Keep at it man I be lifetime subscriber.

  28. ken drake says

    John David booty ? (I know that’s his name)

  29. Jonathan Hill says

    Chris leak had monster season for Florida

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