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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 21th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News


Governors in several states move to reopen, pandemic reveals broken system in U.S. nursing homes, and Ohio woman finalizes adoptions through video call amid coronavirus pandemic.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:24 Governors In Several States Move To Reopen
4:33 Health Workers Warn Against Lifting Stay-At-Home Orders
6:35 Battle Grows Over Ramping Up Coronavirus Testing
7:54 California Town Plans To Test All Residents
8:40 Study: Malaria Drug Shows No Success Against COVID-1911:22 PM 4/21/2020
9:18 Trump Moves To Temporarily Suspend Immigration To U.S.
10:12 Senate Passes $500 Billion Coronavirus Relief Package
10:50 Rising Concerns For Saftey Of Essential Workers
11:23 Tyson Plant Will Not Close Despite Mounting Cases
12:17 U.S. Officials: Kim Jong Un May Be Ill After Surgery
13:37 Pandemic Reveals Broken U.S. Nursing Home System
16:03 Covid Survivor Meets Donor Who May Have Saved His Life
19:52 ‘NBC Nightly News: Kids Edition’ New Episode Available

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 21th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Keith Lallone says

    Watch this video share this video very important show the video

  2. Darkness Comes says

    Only some health care employees the Ones that say we should open up are being blocked and taken down from Internet’s News. Like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.

  3. Patience Lindsey says
  4. Bible Box says

    This is fake less then .01 people die from this. It's another flu but they out every country on lockdown….they have a hidden agenda don't be fooled!

  5. Trudy Fox says

    Republicans who want their freedom should sign a waiver to the right to ICU treatment and use of a ventilator.

  6. Kimberly Howard says

    Amazon needs to pay them more pay till the emergency is over anyone who wants to shelter at home can go home.

  7. John Rettig says

    SubWay here in Silver Springs NV
    Is allowing 2 coustermers at a time and only 2 .

    But apparently some people can't read or be bothered with this limitations .

    I'm high risk for pretty much everything .
    Asthma , bronchitis , type 2 diabetes , congestive heart failure and those are just some of my favorite things ( lol ) .????

    And yet some people still get right in my face or disregard the 6 ft spacing all together .

    I still have not received any of the stimulus funds and I'm on both SSI and disability or I'd be paying somebody to go to the grocery store for me .

  8. Kariz Macharia says

    April 21th? Really? Really?

  9. Marie Sanche says

    Au Québec,c’est honteux…il y’a des CHSLD INFESTÉS DE COKERELLES…… et on ne prend pas les grands moyens pour s’en débarrasser comme un traitement de l’exterminateur dans tout l’édifice (au lieu de désinfecter seulement quelques chambres à l’occasion,dont la mienne!)

  10. Dale Mills says

    We need to 100% test everyone. Like here, I Know there are way more than the 1 reported confirmed case. Most ppl here Are social distancing when they go out at all but that wasn't true last month.

  11. EMV says


  12. Kyu Choi says

    Since we don’t have clear information to fight this everybody including government look at other countries. I want to suggest to look at Singapore situation. They were doing great until recently decided to release migrant work force and opened school. Just look at their number now.

    I am sorry but I am going to stay put for at least couple of weeks more. I would love to work but me dying is going to be more detrimental to my family than trying to make few bucks. It’s not like we have abundance of face masks that can screen virus and hand sanitizer/alcohol available everywhere to use. I am going to refuse to use cheap made in China masks and refuse to start working unless that curve and other states convince me to do so.

    Good luck to all and stay safe.

  13. Western V says

    This is getting boring can’t we get more news on Russian conclusion

  14. Moon says

    I wonder why the boys weren’t at least sent to a stable member from their mother or dads side of the family!?!? So sad a family lost their sons. I pray God protect them and give them a happy life. Who but God knows exactly what the real situation was!!!

  15. Enoch Finley says


  16. F W says

    If your boss calls you to go to work he/she needs to be there the entire time.

  17. 멘토르석사 says

    Liars about chloroquine, disgusting

  18. Grace Ford says

    Get the truth now.. "high impact vlogs dot com"

  19. Bich-Loan Nguyen says

    Hi. Thanks. All. Your. Foods

  20. Bich-Loan Nguyen says

    Hi. Sỉ. We. Thanks. Your Foods

  21. Shelie Martin says

    Go to KGET NEWS BAKERSFIELD on FACEBOOK. TWO REAL DRS expose the COVID LIE. THIS WILL GO VIRAL TODAY. Share it far and wide. https://www.facebook.com/KGET17News/videos/537566680274166/

  22. Sarah x says

    I need money who cares if YOU die.⚰⚰⚰
    I need money ?????

  23. Casa Del Amo says

    we dont care what healthcare workers think… we're starving , and dont have money to eat.

  24. James Lance says

    People when people get up there in age, they DIE it just natures way of making room…thank goodness it's not Spanish Flu this time….way haughty worse.

  25. Pam Spradlin says

    God. Have last laugh

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