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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 18th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News


Protests across the country call for end of coronavirus lockdowns, New York could be ‘starting to descend’ after coronavirus plateau, Governor Cuomo says, and researchers hope concentrated survivors’ plasma will save lives.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 18th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Cynthia Cetrangelo says

    Now the little demons have decided That'Since they lost Their integrity Their careers their integrity Dead I mention their integrity?They, the democrats Came up with a scan denic.They decided that a deadly virus is just what The economy needed!How would YouI know before a virus ever appeared on the scene how did he know that the trump administration would face a pandemic big??????¿?????????¿¿¿?????????????

  2. Cynthia Cetrangelo says

    The tent cities what you say and people living under bridges Those are the infiltrators that came through the southern border compliments of your democrats! It is inevitable that we the people live paycheck to paycheck when you have a fraudulent government fraudulent banks doing there will because all of this so called watchdog authorities are also in on the stealing of Americans Blood sweat and tears!

  3. Yaska Gates says

    Trump Voter are only 36% of the Country.The rest of want it done safely

  4. jacob martinelli says

    "i can't pay my rent's rising rent price" – "you're evil"

    "free government money" – "you're the devil"

  5. nosauce .00 says

    “ if you didn’t have a place like this what would you do?”

  6. Rob Dim says

    Cant fix stupid!

  7. Rob Dim says

    Trump the antichrist has fooled many sheeple!

  8. 1 wordhere 1wordthere says


  9. Irish Eyes says

    For all you wonder people that want your freedom. Please be careful. We now have little babies getting the coronavirus. Not sure how anyone could want to see these babies die.

  10. Irish Eyes says

    Americans if you rely on anything Trump or his sidekick pence says you may want to think again. We are going into a Great Depression by July. Ask Trump if he cares. Better yet. Start collecting food for your family.

  11. Irish Eyes says

    Trump feed the people. They will love you.

  12. Irish Eyes says

    Ok, all the best economist are saying we are over the recession. On our way to a great depression by July. Food will be in short supply. We can all see that on the market shelves. Gather your beans rice flour and oil. Trust what you see. Not what the Trump administration will tell you.

  13. Irish Eyes says

    The government needs to feed the people. So they don't have to stress out. If Trump doesn't understand, take away his night time KFC. Can you imagine your family going hungry Mr Trump. If people run out of food, they will do whatever it takes to feed their families. Yes people want to work. And the first thing they are thinking about is food on the table.

  14. myvictorianow says

    This whole video came off like a cartoon sorts or some sick parody… but no, it was real. Only the story of Sweden not bowing down was the only balancing factor. I felt like Fievel when they were outside TOGETHER, (linda rondstadt and richard ingraham begin to croon) "Some….where…out there, people havent lost their minds and dont run around with masks on!

  15. Eduardo Polack says

    Perhaps if the Mayors of NY & CA would of kept their cities CLEANER without filth, rats, dirt the Virus would not have touched so many deaths!!!!!. It is one of the main jobs of Mayors to Clean and Keep Cities free of Garbage, Pests, Germs….All Governor of NY has done is complained about lack of Help from everybody else!!!!…What he is not telling is: 1) His failure to clean the City, 2) His failure to Remove pests such as Rats and roaches!, 3) Failure to rehab Homeless, 4) Failure to Diminish Gangs and theft proliferation…..Now HE IS LOOKING SAD BECAUSE HIS LYING IS GETTING DISCOVERED AFTER EXAGGERATING ON EVERYTHING AND BLAMING EVERY BODY BUT HIMSELF!!! …..What a Selfish, Inmature Mayor!!!!!

  16. Raymond Brown says


  17. tik tak says

    Authorities are lacking manners

  18. Keith Lallone says

    Want to know the truth or what's going on watch this video share this video very very important don't do nothing don't let a little girl do your work watch this video share this video

  19. KoVidnT-13 says

    Welcome to the fallout media and government. It's never gonna be what it was, youve destroyed the heart of America with the lies and political propaganda and refusal to acknowledge what we all know yo be true! Keep that check

  20. Tuwa Mosi says

    I read only 4 commnets and I'm done. U people are so negativity. Why not stand solitude with your brother n sisters? I see so many sheep in their homes laughing at these people for no reason. It is their choice to take a chance with a virus that has 98percent chance of survival. I just don't get it with cowards…

    The president is doing what a real person would. He is saying fight for your freedom because government can't give u any. Vaccines carry more deaths than the this flu. Please stop creating more panic n fear n let the people live their lives.

    As for the old homes..This governor cuamo needs to be downed like an old dog. Wear a mask…For what reason? Are we not looking like China all of a sudden? Did u know that two Chinese students fainted n die while at the gym wearing a mask…I mean the mask is not safe.

    Why do u think cases are dropping ? Because it's th seasonal flu with a hype from China. It looks so weird with all these faces being covered inhaling carbon dioxide.

    Such great actors…Best movie ever..Movie 19

    No one is talking about the hornet's or anything any more. Just covid.

  21. Eugene Vaux says

    Manually Fulfilled Prophesies

  22. Ser o no Ser says

    Its my third or so time checking out NBCs news.. wow!! This news media is worst than CNN! Definetly its mission, to promote chaos and panic.

  23. JnN Z says

    People need to get out to get sun (vitamin C) = so they can fight covid!! That simple!!
    If we keep being in a lock down our defenses will keep going down!!

  24. Les Subrick says

    If you are right or left, you can believe in god, but I am an Agnostic because these facist republicans claim to believe In god but use god as a hate tool!

  25. Ramon Uy says

    Go enjoy !!!!!

  26. Cynthia Cetrangelo says


  27. Cynthia Cetrangelo says


  28. Adolph Bidenkopt says

    Not that China would not start a war to show it's dominance. They are struggling and must make the rest of the world struggle as well. Pushed on us because we made them bend for stealing from everyone. They are suffering and to keep even on the world market they make us all sick. Slowing US down so they don't lose power and control. Not like the Tong…Triad to have a hand in the cookie jar….

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