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NBA's Top 100 Plays Of The Decade


Check out the top 100 NBA Plays of the decade!!

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  1. Regiane Lima says


  2. Regiane Lima says

    Really good

  3. Izz Nathan Plays says

    3:14 that should be higher then 87 it was so clean to me

  4. Caleb Brown says

    #98 was a lot of contact, maybe?

  5. Elann Suvat says

    16:29 I miss this Kyrie. Too many knee injuries.

  6. Puro says

    nba: does amazing plays

    me in idubzz: hey….thats prety good

    btw my human is still cool we are containing help from mr k

    {look up changed if u dont understand}

  7. Lazang says

    takes a normal 3 point shot = best play ?

  8. lucas berthome says

    I think most of the game winners are not really "good play" but a lot of luck (Tyreke's one for example), so I wouldn't put these on this list

  9. JosephBCFC says

    This video shows how clutch LeBron James is

  10. Henry Zhang says

    Paul Georges's 360 windmill almost didn't make it.

  11. Henry Zhang says

    Chris Bosh blocks Danny Green, great choice.

  12. Henry Zhang says

    Who'd thought linsanity makes 100th.

  13. Clay Adams says

    Bosh fouled Danny Green

  14. Chris_ says


  15. Ayanna Williams says

    kobe :'(

  16. Géjau says

    28:51 windy…

  17. Géjau says

    19:56 that face lmao

  18. moon75866 says

    As a Spurs fan No.1 will always be painful

  19. Guilherme Tognetti says

    wow !!!!!

  20. Allen Andre says

    Whats fun about the ray allen being number 1 was he practiced walking to the corner three for a catch and shoot and it actually happened in a game

  21. Tommy McG says

    4:03 should’ve been no.1

  22. Conner Reese says

    13:12 yes I am a rockets fan but harden was fouled by that first defender and the offical didn’t give a damn

  23. Iván Colín says

    Brooklyn bench on Nance dunk in 24 hahah

  24. _ Besty _ says

    23:30 is the one I was looking for. The humiliation ?

  25. Hershey Bar says

    I’m sorry but how could you put lebrons block higher than the incredible shot from Kawhi Leonard?

  26. tongsoo Leb says

    17:50 it's my favorite move

  27. Alex Kiriman says

    I think we all knew what would be number 1

  28. Louis Deleo says

    Where the hell is De'Aaron Fox's putback dunk against the Heat?!

  29. Dimi 544 says


  30. PrestonDCale says

    I'm sorry, but that shot by Leonard needs to be number 1. That was the play of the millennium.

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