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NBA's Best Plays | Week 20 | 2019-20 NBA Season


Check out THE BEST PLAYS from around the league in Week 20!

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  1. Peter Barry says

    into the unknown frozen 2

  2. joseph mamaril says

    Nice Highlight

  3. Gaurav Rao says

    din't russ travel?

  4. anna Lennette says


  5. A J says

    Warriors ??

  6. Hatsumi ́ says

    I'm just a weeb who wants to see kuroko's basketball in real life.

  7. Pubg Neyso says

    westbrook travell no counted … 8:30 swc

  8. Philippine GAMER says

    Stephen curry impress this young boy from china who has one handed dribbling skilss https://youtu.be/emF5E-FS7YM

  9. Tengku Amirul Aiman says

    Where tf is kagami ?

  10. chuan bob says

    afica american nba

  11. Goat Seamen says

    I love these highlight

  12. Dark says

    They didn’t call Westbrook’s travel? He clearly took 3 steps, you can rewatch it and count.

  13. karmen ho says

    wrestbrook sucks

  14. Charles Taylor says

    I miss Basketball

  15. Lazysyncz- YT says

    So we not gon talk about how westbrook traveled

  16. Gon Rizo Paje-Salvaleon says


  17. Stefan De Vos says

    at 8:22 that's a travel by westbrook no?

  18. Gabriela Schoenfeld says

    Check this young dunker out he’s new to youtube and is killing the game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7DD0O_Vn6M&feature=share

  19. Hij EB says
  20. Hij EB says
  21. Quanah Benz says

    Anyone watching this in quarantine

  22. HaysWright5 says

    1:10 look at curry man so inspirational

  23. Olivia 12 says

    I don't know anything about basketball

  24. KNOWLEDGE TV says
  25. Rachael Njango says

    Thanks. You

  26. Kenneth James says

    Zion be like: LOOK MOM, I CAN FLY

  27. dustin brown says

    ja morant is going to be somethin special in the coming years,maybe even better than zion.

  28. Maxwell Blake Levin says

    I played basketball doing this

  29. Gauge Rhodes says

    Zion though

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