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NBA “High IQ” MOMENTS highlights some of the smartest plays in NBA History. It includes players such as LeBron James, Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, Russell Westbrook and many more basketball geniuses!

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  1. KingSwish says

    Who do you guys think is the smartest player in the NBA ?

  2. Sole Magus says

    @2:38 The GOAT

  3. Cj says

    I gotta make it clear that I made the same videos as you

  4. Cj says

    Kale no matter what you say

  5. Cj says

    You arent complete

  6. Quieres says

    Imagine of all people lebron James full force throwing the ball at you

  7. Abdirizak Mustafa says

    What did rondo do soo good at 4:34 ?!

  8. Abdirizak Mustafa says

    What did rondo do soo good at 4:34 ?!

  9. Abdirizak Mustafa says

    What did rondo do soo good at 4:34 ?!

  10. Dogan Tosun says

    Longest fukin 1 seconds

  11. noapology88 says

    All I can say is, there's a whole lot of amazing plays being made this year – across the board.

  12. Camila Morales says

    If basketball has taught me anything is to never turn your back on your enemies and to close your legs

  13. Miralba Perez says

    When I see Celtics im like that’s my team lol #boston. But it’s def not my fav team.

  14. Lazerline74U says

    7:15 that pass is straight outta Kuroko

  15. Lazerline74U says

    Harden is the most unbelievably overrated player in the nba rn

  16. Apostolis Gogos says

    LeBron is the goat..

  17. Abdullah Mahmood says

    6:59 “He faked me out”

  18. Eugene Sulte says

    0:31 lebron (setter) with a drop ball

  19. Fidel Andrew Temporada says

    1:57 I respect the player for what he did after

  20. Cj says

    You arent complete

  21. Tout & Rien says

    7"2 Kuroko in real life

  22. Cj says

    No lala land pretend stuff gotta tease to get the rebound real life too yes i teased in the beginning to form a clash

  23. Marsh Y says


  24. chris buk says

    rondo at 3:30

  25. Andrej Mikhail says

    These are great plays

  26. Cj says

    Human to anime are real graphics i teased just to beat you with the official word and number game

  27. Ted Dan says

    Not a basket fan
    these plays re mind blowing

  28. Born in Wrong Generator says

    Looking like a PS3 character 0:43

  29. gojart reka says

    Lebron has emperor eye.

  30. Jon singh says


    watch my video also

  31. Gurshan Mahaar says

    Is it funny that at 7:23 the commentator said baseball pass

  32. The one true pepe says

    Is that free throw shot even legal

  33. Isaiah Eoff says

    4:18 he folded his shit??

  34. Cj says

    I'm not playing like how you arent playing its a humble ritual

  35. BV says

    Tbh that Jayden Brown shot was pure luck because it rarely happens when everyone else does same play

  36. Imba Imbaneski says

    I was hoping to see the elbow pass.

  37. Jaon Luttrell says

    LeBron at 4:15 "this is for Kevin!"

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