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NBA Basketball Back Tomorrow | Through The Wire Podcast


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  1. Extreme says

    Shoutout to Kenny for showing Russ some love

  2. Cohen Wild says

    I would have loved to see Issac but he probably hasn’t played enough

  3. Brah Kiwi says

    This would be cool to talk about- day there was an expansion draft for like the Seattle Supersonics or some shit , If you’re a team like the Rockets even though Eric Gordon is top five players on the team would you or would you not protect him just to get rid of his contract?

  4. Keenan Castle says

    the disrespect for pascal in this video is crazy… played much better the BI and jimmy this season come on guys

  5. JayTooWavyYT says

    They definitely should not get too comfortable, millions and millions of dollars are being made and think about it, they not letting Lebron catch corona ?

  6. Yanzi says

    Pierre look like Seth Curry??

  7. Tyler Garcia says

    It makes no sense to not have spicy p over bi that’s mind blowing. Raptors literally have the 3rd best record in the league.

  8. Manny Flicek says

    20:10 lol 99.7 mortality rate and he thinks people will die because of it ?

  9. Hugh Jay Nuss says

    Kenny was so proud with his All-defensive second team lol

  10. Junkie Sports Media says

    Give our podcast a listen! NBA discussion and yesterday's episode was about our NBA Award Predictions https://anchor.fm/junkiesportsmedia

  11. Lamaan Haq says

    Foe the TTW put in 3 top mvp prospect that you guys think and let the fans vote via twitter polls. Then, use the fan votes as like 16% of the votes. And each of ur votes is 21%. That was it csn be interactive and it might mix things up

  12. Hugh Romaniuk says

    Please tell me Kenny don’t smoke bro

  13. Adam Young says

    og over pascal in the all defensive teams

  14. Henry Olabode says

    Kyle should be 1st team and Pascal ain't the best defender. He's a good help defender. Raptor's fan know Pascal get beat too easily

  15. Mrudubhaash says

    Why is it that I agree with everything Kenny says.

  16. MFFL_77 says

    @pierre we need a Mavericks background ?????

  17. I love BASKETBALL From Australia says

    What does Kenny think of Baynsey getting COVID-19?

  18. Trae 5 says

    Ben Simmons & Bradley Beal over Russ lmao ?

  19. Green Light says

    When Pierre said there were no coronavirus cases, I thought he was talking about the USA

  20. Augusto Carrijo says

    No love to Thybulle…

  21. Jay Morgan says

    How was Siakam not on any all NBA teams (besides Pierre respect)

  22. Micheal Hunt says

    How y’all got Giannis as DPOY but not on any All-Defensive team.

  23. ENONGO says

    Can you guys talk about the Hawks new Uniforms please??? I could be a small part of your next podcast

  24. Cheeks says

    Calm down with the ads

  25. Jova Six says

    Having Bradley Beal over Westbrook on your All NBA team is one of the worst takes I have ever head.

  26. DLOADING says

    I hated Byron Scott as a coach

  27. Zach_034 says

    Where’s Giannis on ur defensive teams?

  28. ThisisMyTime says

    I’m from south Florida and I can confirm we are a different breed ?

  29. Kaiden Gibbs says


  30. eagle al-eagle says

    Are we gonna skip the fact that P didn't put Giannis in his all defensive teams???

  31. GreenBuck says

    Celtics PG curse, Thomas, Irving, and now Walker with the injuries

  32. Trevor Burton says

    Am I the only one giving the third team nod to Rudy??

  33. Will Marple says

    How did you guys not bring up Jonathan Isaac for All-Defensive Team

  34. Juan , says


  35. Julian Torres says

    I was wondering why Kenny be wearing a HoH in some videos but now it makes sense

  36. Polo Tulu says

    I dont think VO year was a fluke, because of his injury it will be hard for him to get back to that

  37. Prince Papi says

    I’m not putting Zion on any rookie teams despite average 20+ that’s no disrespect but he missed too much time fr compared to the other players in my opinion

  38. og grandmaster take yo ankles sensai says

    aint gotta wear no mask in Finland

  39. Kevin A says

    They’re doing it off the top of the head so if they miss someone, then they miss someone. Y’all complain so much just enjoy the podcast. Damn lmao

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