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NBA "Ankle Breaker" MOMENTS


NBA “Ankle Breaker” MOMENTS highlights some of the greatest ankle breakers in recent NBA History. It includes some of the greatest ball-handlers such as Kyrie Irving, Stephen Curry, James Harden, Damian Lillard and many more!

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  1. KingSwish says

    Who do you guys think is the best PG in the league ? I got Dame…my all-time favourite though is Russell Westbrook

  2. mark layam says

    That almost "split" fake sprint is not easy to execute damn ! Their stamina is on a whole other level .

  3. Weasel Cheese says

    3:48 he said the b word lol

  4. Joe Danger says

    Them ankles were snapped away by thanks then they came back

  5. Enton Krivca says

    3:50 subtitles

  6. Paulo Suyom says

    0:33 tatum pushed george lmao

  7. Shedrick Grant says

    James harden stay traveling

    Smh ??‍♂️

  8. William Kusuma says

    Most of these involve pushing the opponent..

    But those without pushing.. are legit ankle breakers!

  9. Bama0539 says

    I hate when people push off and act like they did something

  10. Chrisdasteppa says

    That Ja morant one was a big pushoff

  11. StormLightning 1 says

    Half of these clips are just the players stepping on the other players shoe

  12. ??Unknown Zizzy?? says

    Holy when I saw the first one jeez he gonna be disappointed at that

  13. Reymart Valerio says

    Bow on my knees

  14. Navin Bhat says


  15. Kai Renton says

    I love how you showed jamal Murray get crossed right after he crossed Steven Adams

  16. Muhammad Taqdir says

    Legend harden

  17. Astackz_w170 jesup says

    West ankles really broke

  18. Bad Knee Sportz says

    Crazy! Better stretch next time ? https://youtu.be/KzkIOMog2HM

  19. Gabriel Solis says

    The best part is how their teammates react

  20. ALJOHN PLAYS says

    Hello po pareho tayo content sana suportahin nyoko

  21. TreTha Steppa says

    That boy kawhi made 2 niggas slip?

  22. CiOfFy ___ says

    Viva jake

  23. Chance Herndon says

    3:50 did y’all hear bitch too

  24. G Runner says

    David West really hurt his shit??????

  25. GREEK FREAK says

    Kawhi is the most humble player in my opinion

  26. GREEK FREAK says

    0:02 taste ur own medicine part

  27. Maryanne Maquilan says

    And leonard 2 ank

  28. Maryanne Maquilan says

    Irving the best

  29. shanchez mcghee says

    Tatum is better than luka ? don’t @ me

  30. Oscar Banegas says

    I swear if oprah side saw this dude be like kekekekeke

  31. Laat Kang says

    My favorite PG is Damion Lillard

  32. Iván Colín says

    Tatum made a fould against PG

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