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National CHAMPIONSHIP Contender! // NCAA Football 14 Dynasty EP4


Things get crazy for UNF as they face a National Championship contender as they travel to play Penn State this week!
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This NCAA Football 14 dynasty series will chronicle the University of North Florida Ospreys as they launch a football program, and attempt to go from a one-star team to one of the top teams in the nation. The North Florida Ospreys will be a Teambuilder dynasty built by GoldGlover9 in NCAA Football 14. We’ll recruit the best prospects that we can, attempt to win a national championship, and hopefully see our recruits venture off into the NFL!

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  1. Gary Musgrave says

    Man, you're one of my favorite youtubers, but bro, this one was tough to watch. I still got faith in ya though! Keep the grind up!

  2. Yungeen AMG says

    Swoop deez nutz

  3. Dayton Shirley says

    Every video he goes I don’t even know who are kickers is

  4. Aztec218 says

    This series makes me laugh more than anything else since the rona. Swoop! ??

  5. kallan harshbarger says

    Love the content GGB!!!

  6. kallan harshbarger says


  7. Sheep Shifter HD says


  8. William Blandford - 3PSRR says

    Make me your team's new kicker .. why not?
    Enjoying this series so far … SWOOP!!!!

  9. dallas garrett says

    When the goal is to be “less than mediocre” that is when we become STARBUCKS

  10. D1 says

    Make a kicker named mathew meagher who has 99 everything and wears the number 69

  11. TK Mothebe says

    That playart on offense gave me a seizure

  12. Giovanni Lenhart says

    I suggest (If you can) switch offensive playbook to Oregon. It has a lot of read options, you might not win but running read options in this game is pretty OP. That and maybe try taking the play clock down to 5 seconds every play to prevent them having more time with the ball

  13. D Stax says

    Probbaly gonna get roasted for it but recruiting. Athletes are amazing for a new program. Two way players. Speedy QBs possibilites are endless. This series is amazing please keep it running!!

  14. Jeremiah Jackson says

    Bruh gotta be single

  15. Michael Walsh says

    Yeah right

  16. TFWP ThinmintZ says

    i used to be a kicker in high school i’ll be ur kicker?

  17. FusionFlows360 says

    Is it possible to start a college basketball dynasty as well?

  18. Peter Oliver says

    HEY. My friend name was Clifford Brown.

  19. Tim Weihrauch says

    should the team slogan be "sorry atari" or "atari's sorry"

  20. Tim Weihrauch says

    we're laughing with you; not at… nah, i'm laughing at you. this is the funniest series i've ever seen from you. 🙂

  21. Ayden Morgan says

    “Ya baby we did that”

  22. Devon McKnight says

    ? series

  23. Charles Rodgers says

    Change defensive scheme to Multiple D and run 5-2 defense to help u against the run

  24. Kaden Carter says

    I’ve never enjoyed watching a team get stomped before , this is throughly enjoyable though ?

  25. Daniel Moore says


  26. Parrot Club says

    Good game bro what’s your favorite team

  27. Braylen Laymon says

    14:20 ????

  28. Edwin Johnson says

    my application
    120 lbs
    got ejected from a soccer game by spear tackling someone

  29. Joshua Deburger says

    GGB i would love to be in this series as a 6'5 ath at CB,QB,or WR

  30. Jerry Price says

    You think this is bad try doing a dynasty with all walk-ons?

  31. Danny M says

    I go to UNF this is so cool

  32. Aidan Little says

    “Actually GoodGameBrother his name is Journey Brown”

  33. Daniel Schell says

    Maybe spying on the defense would help lol

  34. captamericajt says

    Yo GGB what did zeke do to you? He hurt you so bad huh hahaha

  35. Tyler Davis says

    One more non conference game then maybe a chance of winning finally lmao love this series

  36. Kyle Packard says

    “I need to remember that our run game is solid” precedes to throw the ball three times in a row and then a pick ??

  37. Demetri Hooker says

    You should play multiple games a video to speed up the series so we can see recruitment and team growth. Watching a non competitive team play a game a video is far too long for a rebuilding project. Watching you recruit and play 2-4 games in 20-30min videos I personally believe would be best for this series and more entertaining for the audience. This would allow each season to roughly end in 6-8 videos. When the team is competitive in 2-4 years, then big games like bowls or top #25 match-ups can be 1-2 games per video.

  38. Actiune Baza says

    "maybe they'll fake punt it again"

  39. Julian Quesada says

    This is the funniest series in the channel… your misery causes me great joy. Much love brother!

  40. Actiune Baza says

    Go Penn State!

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