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Naga village lifestyle (Part-1)| This is where I live| My identity| My roots| Yangthy Imchen


Hello… my beautiful family… As most of you have requested for house tour and where I live…this video is for you all… and I believe that through this video you will learn about my roots and about my daily life at home. Since it was a long video I decided to make it part-1 and Part-2 but it was all shoot on the same day.. I will upload part-2 very soon … I hope you will enjoy ???

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  1. Imnawapang Imchen says

    Gosh now iam all clear we are cousins ?i still remember ur fisheries ??

  2. akhum Janz Yim says

    Loved your surroundings and overall amazing views… wanna visit your place ????

  3. ali Imchen says

    Wow.. ???

  4. Meri patrick Patton says

    That fruit tree scientific name is terminalia chebula … or it can also be called as myrobalans..

  5. Layla Hara pame says

    Nice garden sis ?? I missed my village

  6. Mrtoshi060 says

    By watching your clip . I see that you live in Ao yimkum…

  7. Mongz Wallz says

    nw r u n chungtia village or letz meet plz

  8. Akumlong Pongen says

    That dimple on your Mom's cheek is worth a million dollar bucks ??
    Bdw.. You look very mastery when cutting down the pork ??i bet almost all the Ao girls are like ths ?

  9. Mugha Alybo says

    M totally addicted to your videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ so cute of you❤️❤️ Big Love from ZUNHEBOTO

  10. Viper Loachy says

    That fruits we called changshi ?

  11. Viper Loachy says

    That fruits we called changshi ?

  12. Jessica Riame says


  13. Bonito Aniche says

    Yangerla Enjoyed watching your Video…so natural worth watching …

  14. David marku says

    Aww sis I'm so blessed this morning …..you AVE shared alot good vibes amd I've saw even your family so happy to see them ? May god always bless them with good health?
    Let me pray for you ?
    Dear god thank you for her heart . May you bless her right now . Fill her with your incredible peace. Wrap her in your love. May she feel confident and worthy . I pray that she would grow closer to you every single day. Fuel a desire deep within her to seek after you . I pray that she would lead a life by the example Christ set. May she face everything with courage and may she walk in integrity . Help her with anything she is struggling with, surround her with encouragement, and give her your precious wisdom. May she experience joy today in Christ Jesus name ✝️
    God bless you sis stay safe and tkr always ?❤️?

  15. Aheto Khanyo says

    Hope you are not falling asleep, while making your video.

  16. Temsu Meren says

    Dangshi looks tasty…which village r u from?

  17. Vino Yeptho says

    Wow you very very beautiful girl God bless you ??

  18. imtiwapong pongen says

    I think I know this place?

  19. Råñdãñbémó kìkøñ says

    Ur very unlucky during this lockdown ?
    Ur pigs r too small ….. more over ur compond is omg ?so big amazing beautiful ….?lots of love from wokha ❤️

  20. Donald trump says

    Wifey material you are? amazing

  21. Inabo Aomi says

    Everything is so amazing and….. ur so different as compared to other vloger…. Wow good join?????

  22. Nekhieto Yhoshu says

    Me too subscribing ur channel coz u r so original n natural …..stay natural like that always…. keep it up….

  23. Heudiak Riame says

    I think m the only one who notice she is lefty while she cuts pork. I'm lefty too. Lefty person is rare ?

  24. Supong Lkr says

    I'm really impressed by your meat cutting skill?….its a shame that I don't even know how to do it??

  25. Ayim Longkumer says

    Way back in in 2012

    Memories?flash back

  26. amos ren says

    Great video ….!!!every Ao household have betel nut tree's..lol

  27. Ashokrao Nikam says

    Yangthy Imchen… You are lucky ,you are living in a bbbbeautyful garden and a lovely village. Your garden is really good. Its clearly shows that how much efforts you all are taking to keep garden and animal farming clean and good. I like it vary much.

  28. alice chongloi says

    Ohh my Bendang such a spacious and beautiful place you owned. I watched the entire video without fast forwarding even a second. You are beautiful inside out! ?❤️ bless us with more beautiful unfiltered videos. ❤️ and welcome back home. And Join us back @CA..! ?

  29. Patz zeliang Gaming says

    If ur mom is the one looking after all those domestic animals and garden OMG she is so hard working… I think she shouldn't work too much.. Also u r so humble showing everything inside out… Appreciate you… ❤

  30. MachineGunKelly Ak47 says

    Now that seed you swallowed will soon grow into a plant inside your stomach itself???jk you actually reminded me my childhood days❤

  31. phemnyu nekong says

    Thangshi = Burmese grapes.

  32. Alongba Imchen says

    Imchen Aba long e-ya sa cool lir o waa ya?☺️☺️☺️? Aki e ya sa aro jao ni… Keep it up Sister. Stay safe????

  33. Hauh yang says

    948 comments replying everyone of those man are you alien or something ? momo rest karo take rest .
    Nwys love your content ! N love to see how UA channel is growing gl?

  34. pudus sunflower says

    Your garden is my dream garden. All those fruit trees and different kinds vegetables ? thanks for showing us your beautiful lovely home..

  35. Manlim Konyak says

    A very hardworking family I have ever watched, blessed family indeed

  36. Tingthong N Naga says

    I thought I've some chances to meet you? , But you're so rich and lots of properties. I'm shy lol?????.Great content ????

  37. kerangaulung ndang says

    I just love the way you chop those meat….. Paka first time ase?

  38. Agam Panyang says

    That chopping face look…???

  39. Tomika k Yeptho says

    Wifey material ?

  40. Medo Kepfo says

    Your humble and simple nature really is something a true depictiction of a real Naga?stay forever the same…with love..the shy Naga guy?

  41. Talimoa ltr says

    And yeah.. wife materials ase 😀

  42. Talimoa ltr says

    You are so genuine and natural, this is why people love you ? ? ? ❤

  43. Mongmei N Phom says

    That's Eden Garden!????

  44. Jamir Sunep says

    Ak ner sati nung achitsuba.

  45. BD fearless gaming says

    Mosto Hoi ase dey????

  46. Rikum Rikum says

    Atao Ur pig is over smart kwa?

  47. samuel Jamir says

    Most genuine nd authentic NAGA vloger keep it up ma'am.

  48. Manjoi Phom says

    Miss i watch every videos of your, n i c everything about you is so pure and natural. Lots of love n m falling for you. God bless you

  49. Itinglung Newme says

    I love you man ❤️

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