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Mystery of the removed game Cooking Mama Cookstar


Detective dunkey must solve the crime once again.

dunk store

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  1. Christopher Upchurch-Bey says

    this mans voice just cracks me up

  2. XkidXuglyX says

    "reddit has never once been wrong"

    just gonna ignore when a pissed off ex bethesda dev literally leaked a ton of details about Fallout 4 a year before it was released and even before it was annouced

  3. Hamza K says

    Cooking mama is also on ipad

  4. Thunder Thighs says

    Play it on mobile, that's where I get all my cooking mama goodness.

  5. Ninjamaster007g says

    Holy shit why couldn't I see this video before like he made it on purpose not come up after a bit just like the cooking mama game

  6. washington games says

    Love it

  7. Meat Emperor says

    Cooking strand game mama

  8. max brown says

    The first strand type mystery

  9. Big Black Billy Goat says

    Nintendo is for babies

  10. nicklecell says


  11. zarkflappysheep says

    holy shit not one dunkey inside joke in the comments that’s just a copy and paste for every video? this is amazing

  12. Tea & Clickbait says

    Sir! If you watched my channel you wouldn't be poor right now.

  13. Ray Adnyana says

    I love the sly cooper song you threw in while playing detective

  14. Gracjan Szmyt says

    It's ironic, that I got an Overcooked 2 ad before this.

  15. Biggie Cheese says

    I removed it

  16. Geno says

    July 4th, 2020. The world is STILL a fucking bitch. Even Smash Bros is no longer safe to play anymore.

  17. Tolintality says

    Hired random mom to babysit kid, 7/10 would recommend, though the baby was shaken.

  18. Tea & Clickbait says

    Congratulate me for giving $1,000,000 to a homeless person!

  19. Some_Random_Dude16 says

    So is the game gone forever or was it temporarily removed for "reasons"

  20. Tea & Clickbait says

    I made a tutorial about picking up girls on Discord.

  21. Tea & Clickbait says

    I totally don't make clickbait videos.

  22. Ha Cl says

    i always suspected gaming tim

  23. Tea & Clickbait says

    If you're reading this, I hope you'll find happiness!

  24. wye tt says
  25. Abhishek Chakraborty says

    At 1:57 When I saw Gon the dinosaur, a stream of childhood memories came rushing back to me…

    Like when Gon teamed up with Batman and Rick in order to defeat the bear from tekken, who had neen bitten by a radioactive seagull. Ah, good times…

  26. Lucas Bitencourt says

    This is no mistery in the face of classical tetris level 36.

    I need tetris to be alive Dunkie

    i am not even talking about Weed

    this is only TETRIS

  27. Hhhh Hhhh says

    I knew that bastard gaming tim was behind it all

  28. Tea & Clickbait says

    I'm totally not clickbaiting you right now.

  29. Donna Winkler says

    Defective dunkey

  30. Tea & Clickbait says

    I'm a time traveller – proof on my channel.

  31. Tea & Clickbait says

    Only future millionaires can like this comment. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

  32. Chiip._ says

    Its funny sunce last week a friend and I who has ps now started playing ratatouille. Bad experiencr

  33. N1nsen says

    Ratatouille on the PS2 was actually pretty good.

  34. Golden Weed says

    The craziest thing about this is that dunkey actually made a serious genuine video about it

  35. nko. says

    I jus noticed you play Sly Cooper music in this video

  36. Insight Zoidberg says

    0:01 this statement could never be more true on May 31st.

  37. danonino esta cogido says

    cookstar? more like cockstar

  38. Sami Rae says

    Is that the Sly Cooper soundtrack I hear?

  39. CheeseNJunk says

    You know, knack 3d would never steal your data

  40. baby shoyru says

    Amazing use of sly cooper music

  41. cooleosis1 says

    dat sly cooper music

  42. 2DX DistorteD MaXX says
  43. play room says

    Great game, good luck
    I hope you subscribe to my channel??

  44. M A says

    cant find faults in his arguements

  45. TeeJay Small says

    The Sly Cooper 1 music had my full attention!!

  46. andracass says

    i absolutely thought that horse life 4 was a game that dunkey just made up for this video
    but it's actually a real game
    and i am so confused

  47. H.Harold says

    “April fifth, twenty twenty. The world is a fucking bitch”
    Best LA noire I ever had.

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