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My Roblox MUSIC CONCERT was a really fun experience! I hopped in a call with all of you and started playing my heart out! Were the songs good? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Were they bad? Yes! Enjoy some Roblox funny moments.

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Music courtesy of Nintendo. Outro is “Grass Land” from Yoshi’s safari.

Last time I was Making Roblox Kids MAD and this time I’m making them happy! I’m playing music for the world to hear!

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  1. Laughability says

    How do you feel about me doing stuff in voice calls like this more often?

    (also join the discord server: https://discord.gg/ZdC9gs6)

  2. l i a m says

    Laughability: talks about hard drugs. Also laughability: takes Cocaine every day

  3. Michael Isaacs says

    This is laughability’s alter-ego Soundability.

  4. Janine Manning says

    Nice number hahahahaha

  5. Arron Pogi says

    Laughability is insulting his self 3:20

  6. InkyVlogs :3 says


  7. Dandy101 says

    holy heck laugh is so good at piano

  8. FryGuy says

    "SoMeOnE GeT Me oUt oF ThIS BoX"

  9. JustAnOrange says

    I got in the VC lol

  10. Nikki Araiza says

    I love the plastic box one

  11. BusterBloxy says

    i heard the apple timer alarm and had anxiety for about 5.6 seconds

  12. TheBartenderr says

    Wow. Cool piano skills.

    What? Pfft No I only Liked The Last Part

  13. FarAwayHorizon says

    when are the songs coming out on spotify

  14. MrTalentedPlayer says

    i wonder what it feels like to dislike the vid before you watch the full thing lol

  15. Meisrose says

    minecraft or have cancer

  16. Doctor Cookie says

    scp 3008 2.3 came out

  17. Guitar Boy says


  18. Noob says

    youre actually good on the piano

  19. Noob says


  20. Ogi Lubura says

    Whats that deafult roblox music's name

  21. FurryFurLife2023 says

    Laughability should go on Broadway

  22. comicsundew says

    that was sad 1:00

  23. Lil•Røsé says

    ironically there is 'roblox' in his video name

    pLaY roYaLe HiGh

  24. goose mc money pockets says

    laughabillity your second song was just the song from up

  25. DGGE says

    I shed a tear on the second song, I am stuck inside of a plastic box and I cannot be free. boohoo

  26. DENISE Concepcion says

    dude the ads at 9:06

  27. IIBFDIfanII says

    Laugh teach me how to be a game dev like you you beaten jailbreak your maps are better than adopt me

  28. Kitty_ Kat says

    Poor laughability. It’s ok, your father isn’t here but your fans are here.

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