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My Pescatarian Lifestyle!


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Hello lovelies 🙂

Today I wanted to talk about my pescatarian lifestyle! I’ve only recently transitioned to this new diet and I wanted to share how it all came about and how I’m finding it!

Feel free to ask any questions, provide comments or make any suggestions for future videos!

Movies/books to check out:
Hungry for Change
Forks Over Knives
Food Matters
Food Inc
Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Beauty Detox by Kimberly Snyder


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  1. The Gluten Free Chef Global says

    Your husband is still a Pescatarian, it's called a Pollo-Pescatarian.

  2. The Gluten Free Chef Global says

    Your husband is still a Pescatarian, it's called a Pollo-Pescatarian.

  3. bighand69 says

    I am not a pure pescatarian in that I still eat chicken and red meat every now and then. The majority of my diet is vegetables and fish.

    You can still get a lot of health benefits from having a diet that is heavy in vegetables and fish.

  4. xGhostGaming says

    I never knew this existed! I hardly eat anything outside of meat other than pasta but I hate how animals are treated too. I can eat lots of fish though like salmon, cod, tuna etc. Is it difficult become a Pescatarian? Do you ever really crave meat? How do you overcome the cravings?

  5. Gluten Free says

    I am starting my new Pescatarian diet today.

  6. HoneyedHylian says

    so off topic, but I absolutely love your top 🙂

  7. LiberatedMind says

    So fish aren't animals?

  8. Vinny Scuderi says

    Pescatarianism is soo solid of a diet!

  9. Stacy S says

    I think you are extremely correct how you are eating for health. The iron you may not get enough of is an easy fix if you eat dried fruits such as dried plums (prunes). Beans, excellent sources of so many nutrients and because you do consume eggs, no B12 deficiency. I was a Vegan many years ago. I got quite anemic and I cannot tell you how sorry I am to this day hat I stopped eating eggs and fish/seafood. My parents were so angry with me and I had to go back to eating meat. Over the years my weight has shot up horribly. Today, I decided ok, I know how I went wrong and cut out all the meats. I also know push the fish and crustacheans more but make the plant based diet more healthy and pay attention to more beans and eat eggs and all should work. I am going to be careful not to overeat but being that I'm not lactose intolerant I am sure low fat cottage cheese and hummus are some great tasting protein based foods. I love veggies so leaning hard on dark greens is a good way to go. We in the States have Protein and Greens protein powder,perfect for soy ,almond or cow's milk. The cow's milk I bought today is from cows that have no hormones or antibiotics added and are free range. A half gallon is $4 U.S. and I say who cares, I could easily eat some really stupid high sugar,high fat food but instead not wasting my money anymore. I have serious weight to lose but your video is so helpful and I am familiar with Joe Cross and his 2 movies. I juiced but after 2 weeks when I started back on food, that was a pretty bad G.I. issue. It took a week for my body to work properly, better to eat whole foods not juice them lol.

  10. Tezii says

    I'm pesco vegetarian, but I also don't eat crustaceans ( lobster, crap, shrimp) because they are sentient and are able to feel pain.

  11. Bryce Ridgway says

    Cowspiracy! Watch it, you will not want to eat meat.

  12. Max says

    You are still a meat eater who eats fish that are tortured just as bad as the land animals. I just don't get your reasoning.

  13. Grandma Frugal .Frugalnista of Orange County says

    ok you just answered my question about chicken. lol! Nice video!

  14. Grandma Frugal .Frugalnista of Orange County says

    How about chicken do you eat chicken breast etc?

  15. microems says

    hi! did your diet change at all during your pregnancy? i hope you do a video on what foods you ate while pregnant.

  16. C B says

    Great advice…I'm transitioning into Vegetarianism but love dairy and seafood. I'm thinking the Pescatarian lifestyle is for me as well. Thanks

  17. paula19762007 says

    I just became pescetarian and I am loving it! Also another super easy way to get your b12 is from cereal👍🏻

  18. andriuzele says

    omlet eggs its animal protein sorry girl

  19. Joseph Price says

    Like your husband, chicken has been the hardest thing for me to try to quit. Thus far, I just can't do it. I really, really want to. But I just crave chicken at least once or twice a week. Any advice on how to quench those cravings? I am not big on pork or beef, and I like all fruits and most veggies.

  20. NoName says

    earthlings made me take the same decision 🙂 

  21. Barry Sheen says

    I'm glad someone has explained to me that seafood includes fish, wasn't sure 🙂

  22. William Gabbert says

    I didn't even know the term "Pescetarian",  but because of the high amounts of B12 , D and Omega 3 Fatty acids in fish (Especially Salmon, Tuna, Clams and oysters) …This is the diet I do feel is most  beneficial for human health .
     ( Krill oil is a good supplement for anyone )

    Actually I do feel meat is not a good idea;.Not really so much  because of  ideological reasons ( cows and swine produce methane and use a lot of food resources ) But animal protein has recently been found to be a primary cause of producing cancer tumors. Meats also contain of course high fat percentage and low omega 3 percentage. (With the exception of liver )
    and probably the main contributing factor inducing Obesity , coronary disease and diabetes.

    I would limit grains and dairy also …Not because they are so bad… but because one could be consuming better….The more nutritious fruits and vegetables.

    { I advise avoiding all other Fats .Of course avoid refined sugars as well .; Stevia and ".Splenda" are good substitutes }

  23. Ashley Casey says

    If you went pesca for health, that makes sense. But if you went pesca for the animal cruelty, I'm sorry, but on what planet are fish insentient?

  24. luxconcept says

    Fish aren't as sentient as land animals, which is why this sector of vegetarianism exists. Also, the healthiest countries in the world thrive on fish. I don't understand why vegans/vegetarians have to rag on others who are eliminating as much cruelty out of their diets that they can. 

  25. Fake Namelol says

    I don't see why everyone is getting butthurt because of pescetarianism.
    Just as any other diet, it requires a label to ensure that you can properly explain to others why you can't have that big juicy burger at a restaurant.
    And I follow the diet simply because: its much easier to get nutrients that vegan/veggie diets generally miss out on, *fish is much easier for my stomach to digest (I also happen to have a stomach disease, but I'm sure its easier for others as well), *and I never everrrr went veggie or pesce for animal rights. Not once. I do it for the survival of myself, not that I don't love animals, I just never found myself doing it for the good of them (: But that does not make me any less of a vegetarian (when I was one) or pescetarian.

  26. Olivia Smith says

    im a pescatarian! 😀

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