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MY PASSION & COVID-19 | May 2020 Updates


Update Time!!

Stay Safe everyone in these hard times xox

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Stay Foxy!

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  1. Foxy Nick says

    woof likes turkey feathers :3

  2. Sabrina Gacha,Gaming and More ! says

    You should make more series

  3. Chatti Madi says

    Who is this wood? I have never heard of him lol

  4. Tamia Bailey says

    woof likes turkey feathers?

  5. Tamia Bailey says

    stay safe and good luck on your job "wolf"

  6. Lyrictøne says

    Who was the 1 person to dislike?

  7. GamingWith AJ says

    I like turkey feathers

  8. Kimber Simpson says

    Don’t worry we love you guys and we will be patient and wait for you guys

  9. Anthony Jr Bess says

    Do more my passion

  10. AshCreDas says

    Not gonna lie, I forgot this channel existed till now. Well, cya in about six months knowing me

  11. KarymeLee LoHernandez says

    I hope you'll be okay and please stay safe??

  12. rhigel and aamau courteau says

    When are you making a my passion

  13. Kitty Chuu says

    Awwwwh the masks in game are super cuteee! I hope you and your team stay safe ??

  14. Roderick Bryant says


  15. Brianna Meza says

    I've always wanted all of the mods but I know I'm not going to get them but ur a great singer and I want to meet u so bad

  16. Midnight_WolfGirl 14 says

    I would hope people were already washing their hands with soap…

  17. Ross MacDonald 2006 says


  18. Alexandra Santos says

    ❤I love watching the videos❤

  19. Kady107 says

    I like turkey feathers ?

  20. Musical Will says

    I hope you guys stay safe and healthy. Don’t push yourselves to much. And take as much time as you need. You guys got this. We can wait. Stay Safe ????❤️

  21. Midñight Phøenix says

    i like turkey feathers

  22. Midñight Phøenix says

    Usually I’m impatient about a lot of stuff, but when it comes to people having issues about videos I am the most patient person I know! Take your sweet time guys I’ll always be here. I’m almost 16 I’m getting old.

  23. Midñight Phøenix says

    Baby: I am joined by-
    Nick: WOOF

  24. Madison Ramsey says

    Lol he could have said foxy turtle monkey feathers instead he said wolfie likes turkey feathers apparently

  25. Lambof Godx says


  26. white wolves says

    I like turkey feathers

  27. Peace The Panther says

    Let's see, how many update videos, hmm..? Maybe like 6, if you gonna count this one so, yeah. Also, love the thumbnail, whoever does it, good luck.
    Peace be upon you ✌.

  28. Whatstheretotalkabout ••• says

    12:15 um it’s not autumn right??? 0-0

    question what was going through your mind when you said that Foxy Nick?

  29. Mystic says

    I like turkey feathers 🙂

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