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My Brother Tried To Fight Me! HEATED 1v1 Basketball!


I played 1v1 basketball against my little brother and this happened…

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  1. Tristan Jass says

    Hope you guys are all staying safe! Love you guys❤️

  2. Nikeslime says

    Wtf he should have 1.3m views rn

  3. Emmanuel James says

    @ 9:47.."GIVE ME THAT!! ????

  4. Silas Hayes says

    His lil brother absolutely refuses to go left.

  5. Youngthひgslug 252 says

    Gotta like the video

  6. Savage_Hawaiian 808 says

    Was to Jersey the wrong way ?

  7. Salman Ahmed says

    9:43 my man thought he was pullin a professor

  8. Austin yokley says

    Ur lil bro a prick

  9. NBA youngboy son says

    Tjass I wish you where my brother you're so Inspiring

  10. Evan Sizemore says

    Lol my man. You have been one of my favorite hoopers and that trick shot just sealed the deal. Dirty..

  11. Shindô Hôken says

    Was it really still a basketball game at this point XD?
    I'd have crushed my lil' brother if he'd done that to me…

  12. Litos Guerreiro says

    Click bait

  13. premiere says

    this dude holds his hands at his waist and claps for his defense

  14. ZakontheAttack MC says

    Why everytime you make a shot there’s a cut looking suspect

  15. ZakontheAttack MC says

    Bro it’s all edited asf

  16. Jaden Gin says

    Tjass sm better than his bro fr

  17. Chris Drew says

    On everything, I could beat this clown

  18. dassehmc says

    If he keeps playing he would get so much better

  19. Anthony McGee says

    I was dead when he started pushing you bruh ?

  20. Yusuf Türkmen says

    This video is fake

  21. wthEmmanuel says

    earned my like with that shot

  22. Jutzy Original says

    Does he like to wear his jersey backwards or something?

  23. Payton Reed says

    Not a double at 11:11?

  24. Jet Life says

    Yo he really made that shot in the beginning ?

  25. NYG_DBONE 10 says

    The herb with the red shoes trash af

  26. NYG_DBONE 10 says

    So funny you TickTock edited that shot

  27. Tiki says

    bruh your bro is so arrogant

  28. Stephen Bassette says

    I just came here for the half court shot. Who won?

  29. Agung Artana says

    Ok i liked the video

  30. Jesse Flores says

    Brother is goofy

  31. 3G Bloke says

    bruhdery rivery

  32. Christopher Marlatt says

    UUr bro was actin like a child

  33. Cecilia Acierto says

    I liked the vid

  34. Crispy Lord says

    yo what beat is that?

  35. Anthony Lewis says

    Nice game me and my twin bro constantly Have basketball rivalry with each other

  36. Sludge T says

    If that was my lil brother I’d put him in is place. And I’d tell him to stop acting so cocky ?

  37. Mello Pearson says

    The kid just needs some foot work and maybe a cleaner form on his shot he'll be fine

  38. Trevor Levac says

    everyone real upset about Brennan's hair man XD

  39. Shiloh Hall says

    I been following your channel for a long time and every since I found your channel I have been super entertained. I have siezures and just seeing that you're passionate about what you're doing even tho you're not in the pros or anything of that nature you have definitely inspired me to always love what you do no matter if you're on a big stage or not. You're definitely in my prayers you have an amazing channel don't ever give up on that talent of yours because I'm definitely gonna keep on watching this YouTube channel of yours and continue to be a loyal subscriber. Btw that half court shot was on another level especially with the fact that you only shot it one time smh lol.

  40. Cameron C says

    His brothers a tool

  41. Michael Creamer says

    Nice click bait not fighting

  42. Itchy Stick says

    Before people jump to conclusions… In my eyes, this is more of a brotherly rivalry rather than some clout that had manifested. So lets not hate on the brother

    Edit: I made this comment before he said Brotherly rivalry, Bruh…

  43. king_dripnessV says

    nice homie can dunk but does he have that athletic packet and when i say athletic packet i mean speed strength and crazy flying through the air package if so damn if not then he should start working on his athleticism if he wants to be good at driving the paint and being able to dunk good improves your layups u just gotta have good timing :[

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