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MX-5 V6 Swap vs Supercharged: Tuned Miata DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST!


It’s carwow vs Car Throttle and Mazda MX-5 vs Mazda MX-5! Mat’s behind the wheel of his very own supercharged Mk2 model, with 196hp and 237Nm! Car Throttle’s Alex Kersten, meanwhile, is driving his 260hp, 325Nm Mk1, which has a 3.0-litre V6! It’s supercharging vs naturally aspirated – who’s gonna win?

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  1. carwow says

    Don't miss Mat and Alex's OTHER drag race – Merc G63 v. BMW X4M v. Cayenne Turbo v. Bowler Bulldog! ? https://youtu.be/6MkGaGvqHjo

  2. Gongo Games says

    2 of my favourite Youtubers in one video!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. VanTheMan 1221 says

    What Alex should have done is pump the brakes hardly and rappidly so the tiires don’t lock up

  4. xavi R says

    Mat, Alex and Yianni for new Top gear ?

  5. BigBlackBird says

    There's no replacement for displacement

  6. Tiporari says

    $25k for 2 car lengths. Sounds about right

  7. The 95 Gang says

    Mart Watson ????????????????

  8. Monty Pemberton says

    Alex is such a bellend

  9. Ty Nguyen says

    Oh shit, it Bear Grill

  10. Waleed Chowdhury says

    It looks so slow lol ?

  11. 50 subs before 2021 ? says

    0:41 P.S. Brung is not a word.

  12. 265justy says

    Why not put a KLZE V6 in the red onee instead off that bastard V6 and keep the car 100% MAZDA..

  13. Fortopbortop01 says

    That cough at 5:32 i'm dead ????

  14. DestruxandExploze says

    It’s cheaper for the supercharger and easier so let’s see which one wins

  15. Rares Copaceanu says

    Imagine spending 20k to do 13,2 times lmao

  16. Daniel Hoffmire says

    Who makes those door panels/cards?

  17. L I M I T says

    The collab we never thought we needed

  18. Sudhir Panier says

    Two snails

  19. Tritolium says

    I think that mats miata sucks its like a bunch of metals and some fucking discusting headlights BUT phill is super amazing

  20. Anne Gunn Mesel says

    If you have text on when the cars drive its says [Music] soooooo youtube thinks the sound of the cars is music

  21. digant pachigar says

    More from the two of you please

  22. Edwin Philip says

    Nice one

  23. yonkani17 says

    No ABS!!! 😛

  24. yeet y? says

    'who spells mat with only 1 t? Mate Watson, mot watson
    Mt, Mt watson

  25. Pearl Boi says

    Battle of cuteness

  26. S FRANK says

    what is the tire size and rim size is ?the v6 miata

  27. Alex Bujorianu says

    Twenty grand of work on that car but the brakes and tires are terrible. Just goes to show that building cars is for real engineers, not wannabees.

  28. Mudhaffar Adhwa says

    We need Jimmy Broadbent's MX-5

  29. Mat Dorsey says

    I spell Mat with one t. So what?

  30. DC BigTurbo says

    ThE mOsT fAmOuS mIaTa On YoUtUbE? Lol maybe European YouTube. Ever hearr kf Ricer Miata's SR Roadster, Taylor Ray's LS Miata & Gingium's EJ20 WRX/Miata?

  31. Mark Hall says

    Poor old Mat,looked heartbroken.

  32. Callum Tacey says

    5:22 why the hell is there smoke coming out Of your car

  33. vast active says

    Sound insulation lol pissed myself, it’s a convertible lol

  34. AJ or something says

    The NB miata looks good, especially after it's been lowered like phil has.

  35. Azeirrayh says

    My mans toxic as shit ?

  36. Jack_Gamez 123 says

    PHIL IS BETTER !!!!!!

  37. Ashnal Kumar says

    Omg shut up n get on with it

  38. YourCousinLiam says

    So much bullshit fluff. A pain to watch

  39. Shoots true says

    The most famous mx5 on YouTube has a dodge demon v8 with over 700 HP not this v6 one with 250 something . Lol

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