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Music from Warbringers: Sylvanas


Watch the animated short-


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  1. War Nymph says

    The drums of War sound again

  2. War Nymph says

    She burned the tree so the elfs immortal… long life's. . She murderd them all for the soul engine

  3. Ellie Tribe says

    This is so well crafted! So eery yet so powerful, so beautiful yet so evil….

  4. Muller lucas says


  5. Sac Ash says

    For the Scourge

  6. Neki Tamo says

    This music describe Sylvanas very well. Creepiness, sadness and hatred

  7. Viktor Zsednai says

    Sylvanas's Sacrifice

  8. Hyaril says

    just came for 1:40

  9. baby girl says


  10. baby girl says


  11. baby girl says


  12. baby girl says


  13. sevgi karabacak says

    arthas had to kill her

  14. Javeh says

    The part of "I remember… a fool"
    is exquisite..

  15. Nick Zanini says
  16. Bob Martin says
  17. Sun Shower says

    In life, in death, in purgatory, my lady, you are forever my queen. Guide me through the darkness Dark Lady, for all shall realize your power, the power of the Banshee Queen!

  18. Caty Cika says

    For the dark lady

  19. Gabe Gu says

    Burn it. BURN IT!!!

  20. Jan Václav Nermuť says

    It is not Sylvanas.
    It is not Arthas.
    It is Gul Dan,alias Ner Zhul.
    It is Ner Zhul Magic- it is a part of Sylvanas Mind- but decision- all decisions are Ner Zhul´s.

  21. Mara Jade says

    Oh look, the Warchief-Dictator. She who kills or imprisons all those who disagrees with her, commits genocide, uses mind control and brainwashing, and uses horrific gas/plague to kill people. She reminds me of a certain someone from history who shall not be named.

  22. GreatfulGert says

    The Chills when Arthas arrived.

  23. Ghibli44 says

    @Blizzard! Please bring all 3 Warbringers as a BattleNet Avatar Icon 🙂

  24. Resident music says


  25. Bob Martin says
  26. Bob Martin says
  27. Sylv says

    Why u burn teldrassil? ?

  28. Demon Hunter says

    Sylvanas did nothing wrong

  29. Valthirian Sunstrider says

    Thanks for releasing this music. It is far higher quality than those stupid "Epic Fantasy Music" BS videos on YT

  30. Sang Woody says

    Chaos i repeat chaos !!!!

  31. Regular Slime says

    Yeah, but when you gonna drop that little 5 second saurfang tune from old soldier?

  32. geodageo says

    Sylvanas is Aerys biggest fan

  33. Why are you reading this says

    thumbs up if you can hear the banshee screams when they're supposed to play

  34. aaAguaruchinnnva says

    make the blood elves alliance, THEY WERE ALLIANCE, AND SHE IS ALLIANCE

  35. EspeonPsyc says

    Burn baby burn.

  36. Aqua Games says

    For The Dark Lady!

  37. HMiche93 says


    I remember…a fool.

  38. Neeno says

    3:19 Epic
    For The Forsaken

  39. holocene says

    For the Horde and for the Dark Lady!

  40. ED K CORNER says

    creo que sylvana es lo único destacable de esta expansión , el único personaje que sabe lo que hace y no da tantas vueltas, ella esta decidida a cumplir sus metas sin dudarlo

  41. Pecoliky says

    2:00 scene is chilly, seeing your own dead body

  42. Erdem K. says
  43. Dan señor says

    Morally grey music

  44. Masto Babe says

    Everyone loves the Queen of Banshee

  45. Gorgorian says

    3:19 the hordiest feeling u can get as a Horde player <3

  46. El Diario de Karlana says

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