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Music from Warbringers: Jaina


Watch the animated short –


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  1. jazolf says

    I would have found it infinitely more interesting if they resurrected jaina's dad insted of her brother.

  2. Monica R says


  3. Arken Red says

    I adore this woman/women meaning both Laura Bailey and Jaina Proudmoore.

  4. heathmcrigsby says

    When Thrall killed Daelin he became her daddy instead.

  5. Dmitrik O_o says

    Люди что сомной не так, я не играю в ВОВ но смотрю это шедевр/People that’s not right, I don’t play Wow, but I’m watching this masterpiece.

  6. Dmitrik O_o says

    Послушай русскую версию/Listen to the Russian version

  7. beefcurrywithrice says

    What is the song about ? Is it about Arthas ?

  8. Loc Birdd says


  9. joão Jesus says

    Honestly, just drop the game and focus on a series or movies, make a cinematic universe

  10. tsutsu76 says

    Dear Laura Bailey, we love you and we pray that the horrible things that happened to you do not deter you from making epic voices. It sucks to suffer because you are amazing at what you do. We send all our best thoughts and congratulate you for being so talented!

  11. Frank says

    nice sea shanty

  12. Duchess Van Hoof says

    It is a bit tragic that this song is about the final scene of the last proper Warcraft game.

  13. Duchess Van Hoof says

    Reminds me, I still want a Warcraft 4.

  14. Angel Papas says

    Im pretty sure that the Horde doesnt have something like this….

  15. Lucas deRossi says

    German Version is muuuuuch better as THIS

  16. PLAY TANIYEL! says

    this brings me back to memories of the days at home, after school, passed while playing Warcraft 3 and WoW lich king… those days I dreamed while playing… never felt anymore like that. Now, this song, takes me back to those days, remembering the story, what she suffered, the story I so loved to play, the story in which I was so absorbed. This song is, for real, a new masterpiece. Something WoW desperatly needed, to be honest I can't play anymore, partly because real life, partly because the game has changed drastically and the story doesn't absorb me so much as was for the Lich King. Such memories… true masterpiece.

  17. Mikes00796 says

    FOR THE HORDE! But no, seriously, this is really good, might actually try play Alliance, after those years. Love this music, so awesome.

  18. Azanulbizar says

    When Jester takes a level in Ukatoa Warlock!

  19. Archmage Doomix says

    this is great, Blizzard has always set the bar for art and music. They should do this with more characters, unfortunately i know that most character's voice actors cant sing as well as Laura Bailey. But i could see one in similar fashion to this for Bolvar Fordragon with the upcoming shadowlands expansion.

  20. Mipe says

    Laura literally breathed life into the animated character.

  21. MiNoxus says

    When the animated version's audio is cleaner than the one of the audio-only version.

  22. Juju Bees says

    Loved hearing Laura Bailey sing this at Blizzcon!

  23. Oldrin 187 says

    This video is the best thing about bfa

  24. Zach Bruno says

    So who thinks Jaina’s father is gonna make an appearance in Shadowlands??

  25. Petteri says

    this is a banger

  26. elgranDE says

    Watch it in german

  27. ThatVirginian says

    the words meter doesn't match the melody does this bother anyone else?

  28. DJKO12X RiPPeRX 2.0 says

    Nathanos: My Lady, Sylvanas…. They started singing, my Queen.

    Sylvanas: Finally

  29. Lion Sin of Pride Escanor says

    Beware beware the Dragonborn comes..
    Wait.. wrong song lmao

  30. Kasper_PandaYT says

    the cinematic and music team in WoW is great… just sad that it is lacking in other ways.

  31. Ciocolici ᓀ ‸ ᓂ says

    Let it be available on youtube music, blizzard!!!

  32. Максимильан Альварез says

    А на русском то все равно лучше! СЛАВА РОССИИ! USA sucks my juicy ballsack

  33. Кристиян Трифонов says

    jaina is a traitor and naive child who sides with creatures who slowly burn her till ashes are left.
    Either Jaina likes to inflict herself selfharm or she is just the dumbest character in wow.
    What is the purpose of reasoning with beast ? do we reason with wild animals who creep around and wait for the momment to strike us down ? or we take our gun and point it in between their eyes ?
    She literally chose the savage unreasonable beasts between them and her own race and family.
    Now her tears mean nothing, she wont earn trust again.
    Long live the alliance! and punish the traitors.

  34. Кристиян Трифонов says

    This is majestic, now i need songs about Arthas, Garrosh and Illadan.

    Would be so cool

  35. Olipherucco says

    Imagine this Jaina carried through all of BfA. We might've gotten something actually interesting.

    Instead of her seeing her favourite big green hunk of meat, going weak-kneed and instantly reverting to her old ways.

  36. It's not what you think says

    Ok, but are the final lyrics to the song, even when sang by someone that isn't Jaina, "Beware of me"?
    Cause that wouldn't make sense for anyone else.

  37. Drone Wars says


  38. bjorn joseph says

    they drops that epic battle for lordaeron cinematic… laura baily and this masterpiece… then we get BFA………… leave it right there

  39. Thomas Van de Walle says

    I don't even play the game, nor know much about it.

  40. S says

    784 people have no soul.

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