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Mud Cricket Catcher – Taylor County Boondocks


@Primecutpro We travel to central Georgia to explore the woods and the muddy terrain in search of the famous elusive mud cricket in their natural habitat. Once we found the main mud hole they were easily spotted. Most of seemed to be nocturnal because they can be more readily spotted congregating at night. Light bars are a useful tool in getting a closer look at the night time specimens. They can usually be found on the biggest 4×4 trucks around but occasionally can be spotted on an ATV or side by side.

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. Fra Vic says

    smutne :(…IQ-0

  2. Tom Rempe says

    Notice no Joe Biden fans???

  3. Rello Man216 says

    I want to do this soooooooo bad!!!

  4. Dan J says


  5. Daniele Tor says

    Bellissimo bellissimo bellissimo Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful?????????

  6. Paulo Roberto Malaquias says

    Estou é tranalina!

  7. Kasey Cummings says

    Need more footage of the lovely, hefty breasted lady in the leopard bottoms..

  8. Fagundes Sa Brito says

    Bolsonaro and Trump 2020

  9. Bushwhacker MO says
  10. Josh Flowers says

    Truck gone wild Colfax la in 2 weeks!!

  11. Aashish Parihar says

    I am puar i love atv

  12. Hayden Myers says

    I wish I was there

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