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Mosul: Fight against ISIS from the sky in 360 video – BBC News


Extraordinary BBC footage allows you to join the pilots of the Iraqi army as they fly over Mosul, fighting the militants of the so-called Islamic State. BBC journalist Joe Inwood and Nafiseh Kohnavard from BBC Persian spent a week on an air base just south of Iraq’s second city. They captured the conflict as it has never been seen before.

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  1. Op Chowdhary says
  2. Samuel Li-A-Sam says

    Very cool!!

  3. Crazy Horse2020 says

    This is so cool!

  4. alan murphy says

    Man I want this game ?

  5. Dino Caprice says

    Idk what am I watching he talk too much

  6. Gabriel Baldovin says

    ISIS and Syrian Civil War were made by the Western Intelligence. Here's details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5-XyozCKFc&t=3303s

  7. Charles Darwin says

    Is this GoPro?

  8. geno bayo jr says

    Amazing. Great job.

  9. Iqbal K says

    When u kill the lion, the hynas rules

  10. Vigor Od Bgda says

    Yeah super let's watch war in 3d,tos me a beer mate. But wont be so cool if war hapens to YOU!

  11. Rumana Azhar says

    I got to watch it in 2020

  12. Raul Garcia says

    Your right

  13. Gino Boss says

    It took me 2 mins on google earth to find this place

  14. Eagle 18101 says

    Imagine in the future when we teach history in school or in museums we use VR videos like these to give the viewers a first person perspective of the events. I mean it might even be possible in modern day time given the technology we have.

  15. 이지현 says

    우와 ~♡♡♡♡♡

  16. Jason Hay says

    "I GOTTA GET ME ONE OF THEM" – Jason Hay

  17. Jason Hay says


  18. Justin Scott says

    Um wtf, this is not a 360 view lens, is this click bait or ignorance

  19. prosto_mechanik says

    ахуеть, теперь и война в 360 градусов

  20. Katrina Gibson says


    ඔවුන් උමං මාර්ගයෙන් පිටව ගොස් ඇත්තේ පිළිවෙලින් ගොඩගැසී ඇති දුම්රිය කරත්තවලින් පිරුණු විශාල අඳුරු ශාලාවකටය පසුව සිහින් ප්ලාස්ටික් බෝඩිමේ කොටස් පවුරක් හරහා හිස් ගබඩාවකට කඩා වැටුණි දහඩිය දැමීම සහ හොරණෑ කිරීම, දැවැන්තයන් දුසිම් භාගයක් පමණ කෙස් කළඹක් තුළ අන්තරාලය අතුගා දමා ඇත, ඔවුන්ගේ මානුෂීය යතුරුපැදි කරුවන් හ op නඟා කෑගසයි

  21. Fleetwood McDuecen25 says

    The worst. ????

  22. Y2-Turk says

    So your fighting yourselves?????

  23. Oros Abaddon says

    imagine having one of those casings dropping in your back yard.

  24. Game Hub says
  25. Vijay Patil says

    Man no one is talking about helicopter crashed behind them and 2 pilots died so sad?

  26. Star boy says

    2020 humans killing humans

  27. Mahima Afroz says

    IS made by USA

  28. Northern dancer says

    “ now just have a look around “

    Me sat here sober as a judge trying to look through the beer goggle effect . This is strange viewing .

  29. Ikhsan Ramadhan says

    speed 0.25

  30. Akukau Akukaliu says

    An those empty shells falling down? Won't it hurt the civilians?

  31. FBI- Federal Bureau of investigation - says

    Just like the chopper gunner from MW

  32. BumNuggetz Jr says

    Pew pew pew

  33. Gary Berry says

    Could not see any of the things he was talking about

  34. hussam shareef says

    Really I thought myself playing I.G.I game

  35. Jamessawyer010 says

    This is sick

  36. Safi says

    May The mother of two springs return to he glory

  37. Soham Verma says

    Fuck ISIS

  38. Shahram Zam says

    @شهرام همایون
    کس ننه جندت

  39. Jen Wren says

    Hope no1 was fired for releasing this vid.

  40. Sukhbir Singh says

    For first 4 minutes I didn’t realised what the hell does 360 degrees means?then I accidentally touched the screen and wowww????

  41. Jean-Luc Martel says

    give the Syrian Army some legit coverage! not the usual bullshit propaganda

  42. COUNTER jihad says

    Brothel broadcasting council

  43. Graphic Designer says

    Long live the Iraqi army
    death America
    Death to isis

  44. no name says

    آخوندها همشون کرونا ی هستن کونشون رو لیس میزنی کرونا نگیری گوساله

  45. test lead411 says

    ببین کیرمم نمیتونی بخوری بدبخت گوساله کون لیس آخوندها

  46. test lead411 says

    ببین کیرمم نمیتونی بخوری بدبخت گوساله کون لیس آخوندها

  47. test lead411 says

    ببین کیرمم نمیتونی بخوری بدبخت گوساله کون لیس آخوندها

  48. test lead411 says

    ببین کیرمم نمیتونی بخوری بدبخت گوساله کون لیس آخوندها

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