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Most UNIQUE Middle Eastern Street Food in IRAN!!! EXTREME Iranian Street Food Tour!!!



Thanks to Soleiman, Mohsen Sadri (IG: @steakblog) and Parnian (IG: @themagnificentparni) for coming along with me on the Best Exotic Food Tour in Iran!
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1. TABAKHI‌ KAJ: Kaleh Pacheh + Abgoosht
ADDRESS: Tehran, Iran

? KALEH PACHEH: Clean the sheep heads and place into a large cooking vessel filled with water. Add the sheep hooves and allow it to boil for one hour. After, take the broth and place in a shallow pot. Leave the sheep heads resting in the broth to soak up moisture. Place the sheep brain in broth. In a separate bowl, add the rendered sheep fat. On a platter, add cheek meat (break off the cheek meat), tongue (remove the tongue from the jaw and peel the outer layer), eyeball socket (remove eyeball socket from sheep head), full hoof, brain (broken into two pieces). Pour broth over all of the meat on the platter, keeping the meat hot and fresh. Drain the broth and add rendered sheep fat on top with cinnamon.

?ABGOOSHT (Meat Water): Mince cooked sheep brain meat and place in a small bowl with sheep broth, pure fat and cinnamon. Add lime to mixture and Iranian bread.
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2. GOLE ROZE: Faloodeh
ADDRESS: Tehran, Iran

?FALOODEH: Frozen wheat starch noodles in a rose water liquid/syrup. Add sour cherry syrup on top.
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3. ZEYTON TALA: Yogurt Stew
ADDRESS: Isfahan, Iran
SOCIAL MEDIA: @zeyton_tala

?YOGURT STEW: Saffron Liquid Mixture: Blend 60 grams of saffron and sugar to a powder and then mix with water. Stew Assembly: Mash stewed mutton neck and six buckets of unsweetened yogurt. Add saffron liquid mixture and sugar.
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  2. ali bey says

    kelle paça is turkish traditional food btw. kelle (head) and paça(feet) turkish words.

  3. F. Bab says

    Sunny you are very intertaining , love your videos ❤

  4. F. Bab says

    Most Young generation would not eat that ?

  5. Asto H Rahadian says

    9:44 iranian billie elish

  6. Vyran Laise says

    I love different culture food. In America I can find everything. I repeat every kind of food. With so many different culture's living in America. To watch this guy travel the world. All he really has to do is meet people I'm his city's and make friends. To visit these wonderful cities throughout the world and see how the food is make. Must be great. Thanks for sharing theses videos. Great job

  7. Joody Unicorn says

    I’m traumatized… but still interesting to watch ?

  8. Persian Basket says

    We handle your Persian appetite with our delicious fully prepared meals. We ship them throughout the US. Yet, we do not freeze them. Instead, they are meticulously packaged and refrigerated with gel ice.


    This week menu:

    Ghormeh Sabzi, Gheimeh Bademjoon, Cholo Kabab Koobideh, Kabab Koobideh Tray, Loobia Polo, Zafaron Polo, Kookoo Shivid Baghali, Dizi, Shir Berenj

  9. Paris_A_ Ss says

    So good ??

  10. Torque • says

    Indian ways of cooking are far more evolved in the flavour layers, methods of cooking and the varieties of ingredients used.

  11. Betty Tasew says

    Did he just say merci to the guy??? LMFAOOOOOO i'm dying!!!!!!

  12. Elle H says

    Starting to believe his gf is made up

  13. Roya Noorollahi says

    the chef making head and hose said his hands are greasy and he tried to be polite not shaking hands

  14. Bushra Topaloglu says

    Kelle Paca is still a strong used soup in the middle east! Especially we believe that once your bones are broken, it helps you heal faster! So if you‘re Middle Eastern and broke a bone, you probably know that you will get loads of kelle paca soup???

  15. federica menna says

    I can't imagine how expensive all that saffron is?

  16. Jun Borg Marata says

    wow…..so delicious so…….

  17. Sam Ali says

    the woman's are hairy

  18. vishal late says

    Iran- we have best falooda.
    India to Iran- Hold my beer.

  19. Elyas Noori says

    I feel like I’m going with u to all the countries

  20. Sanjay Shah says

    Unfortunately that would have been my homeland if the muslims didnt invade it and force us zoroashtrians out of it.. fortunately there is a most loveable country in the world out there called India which ket us in and we thrive here!!! Indians are so passionate which cannot be compared to any people around the world!!!

  21. Vicki Egger says

    loved this video… In Turkey one of my favs was Kalle Pacha soup.. yum!

  22. Mohammad hosein Sharifi says

    Hi I'm living in Isfahan if anyone wants to visit here I will be happy to help so if you need help just leave me an email. mohammadhosei.sharifi@gmail.com

  23. Ali Mohammadi says

    You made me so hungry.

  24. ASBAX says

    Kale pache is best food

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