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Hi, my name is Vulkan. I am a professional Clash Royale player. In this channel, I showcase my favorite decks and how to play them.

Follow me on Twitter for frequent posts and stuff I forget to say in my videos:

DM me on facebook saying “nacho” if you want to spectate me in the game and I will add you as a facebook friend since I connect my facebook account to my Clash Royale account:

Follow me on twitch also. I plan on streaming there eventually:

Business email: vulkcr@gmail.com

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  1. VULKan Gaming says

    Hey guys. Comment with what I should win with next. Im thinking log bait 3.3.

  2. Huglug says

    Anyone else watching this during quarantine? No? Just me? ok.

  3. Dub-J Scrub-J says

    Title: counters the meta! plays arrows zap first game

  4. Benny Chacon says

    Im watching it now ^^

  5. Hayden Price says

    Title: Mortar counters everything

    Vulkan: 10:08

  6. The EsSo says

    Just look what I did and figure it out from there 😀 😀

  7. Just Do It says

    What is your phone vulkan?

  8. Señor X. says

    4:36 Is Anaban #EgorNoSkill

  9. Rossoneri says

    Nova Azerbaijan ??Why didn't you can read it?And you lost?

  10. Mind the Pace says

    I'm rooting for TSM this crl 2019

  11. ItsAllAboutReelLife says

    Honestly would love you to see you play more mortar decks. I’ve recently switched over to mortar and can’t really find a good deck that I think works for me. Anyway much love VULKan you’re the best bro

  12. G L says

    How do you win against lavahound clone? I'm a mortar bait player but I would struggle in this match against a good lavaclone player

  13. LuckySlimeNL says

    counters everythin in title… ends up losing 1st match… your deck is easily beatable if you have a valk

  14. Craftwiki says

    Fast decks that play TOP players are very difficult for most players. Please shoot video with decks more expensive than 3.5 elixir. P. E. K. K. A for example. Or Inferno, Valkyrie, executioner, miner. Most players can not rise above 5000 cups, before that can almost anyone with full pumping

  15. drake? wheres the doorhole? says

    I play mortar ?

  16. DOM CR says

    uau. very good! eu sou brasileiro e sou seu fan! You are an excellent player in my humble opinion.

  17. Devyn Gourdin says

    How about stop doing the challenge since you done it enough we don’t need your advice cause it’s not viable when you are all pros playing minis

  18. ARES LothBrokZ says

    Use aggresive wifi in the developer options bro, you wont have more lag problems.

  19. Hector Bañon Juares says

    Isaac please stop. We are struggeling soo much to even do 10 and you just make it look soo easy, I want to cry lol

  20. Tanimuara says

    Love the long video VULKan the lag is just as annoying as on game xD

  21. Alberto Almeida says

    video everyday? nice work man

  22. Anthony Bruno says

    No. You counter everything in the meta lol

  23. SIEKICK Productions says

    Haha nice thumbnail bro ?… ur a beast man, beating the challenge 3 times – all live gameplay on videos — thats INSANE bro

  24. Daniel Bozza says

    Very nice of you saying that learned some tips from other players. I also always see b rad kiting the Pekka back with the miner in order to hit the tower!

  25. Patrick Russo says

    intro song?

  26. Naron says

    I left the like only because of the foot in the camera ?♥️

  27. Fabiano Henrique says

    gg… bring more mortar on later vulkan

  28. Tcharlys says


  29. Chillbear says

    Why dont you just play on an iPad If you only use one finger xD

  30. Raymond says

    Super great content but theres a problem with the sound, it comes before the plays

  31. Mohammed says

    what's your ig king of 20 wins

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