MORNING ROUTINE 2020 | Healthy & Productive

Hey guys & welcome back to my channel!
I hope you guys enjoy my updated morning routine 🙂

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  1. I just have a lil advice i know ur older then me but i just wanna tell u i had a pimple because i was wearing makeup so i stoped wearing it for like a year yes i didnt have a pimple for a year so then i let my friend practice on me then the next day i had 1 on my chin so maybe u have bad pimples from makeup or bc u have alot of dirt on your face left over nope being mean just wanted to see if my advice works plus your pretty without make up so if u can try it when ur pimples go away don't wear makeup for 2 weeks and see if u dont get a pimple u dont have 2 if u want to tho i think u should do it ????

  2. The answer to adult acne is a generic version of accutane.. its life changing ????????‍♀️ you wont ever have to worry about acne again and your acne wont return like with other medication such as birth control or antibiotics

  3. there is no use of products for your skin issues.
    Its because your diet is full of cooked fat + grains.
    Your skin issues will dissappear by itself if you never eat cooked fats or oils.

  4. LOVE your channel! This video was so motivating i loveeee a good morning routine! NEW subscriber here! Just uploaded a few videos myself, would love some support! working on getting to 200 subscribers by today! 🙂

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