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Mohammed bin Salman LifeStyle 2018


Crown Prince mohammed bin salman Lifestyle,Girlfriend,Cars,Net Worth,House,Education,Biography 2018
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  1. Jose Chumillas Gonzalez says

    Hola saludol Gracial un abrazo felicidades que dio te bendiga amen fuerte abrazo alos hermanos musulmanes

  2. Persian Soldier says

    He looks like an barrel full of shit

  3. Abu Mak says


  4. Aisha Musagmb says

    Masha Allah

  5. Pierre Lucas says

    I don't ignore some people are rich but I never ask money. I am not interested. People who like only rich Arabs are not me. I am respectfully for them if they are respectfully for me without money or more 8 years ago. 1,4 millions of euros as student in 2012. 10000 euros today. I am anoïd but I don't ask money. I have my own respectability in finance. Only Research Doctorate is my goal. You gave 3 millions euros. I refuse. 50000 euros I refuse. I never ask money for not a job even many have debts with me. I am not like that. I was stolen by an Canadian MBA, I will find it to recover my money during my investment in Montpellier. I will see later.

  6. Segar Sega says

    Only free petroleum what is made in your country?

  7. Milroy Nishantha says


  8. Praba Prasath says

    Hi good evening
    Mr Al Salman Saudi Arabia price
    KP group+bin kalefa uae
    Both doing business davalaf around da world how's your fell

  9. Things To Own says

    America and Saudi Arabia are the greatest and the freest countries on earth, where your freedom and wealth is only limited by your own genius, imagination and hard work—-the last bastions of the free-world.

  10. Carlos Magno says

    Ser feliz gostaria de ir embora com a minha indenizatória e viver na Costa Rica ou Estados Unidos ou Canadá ou Inglaterra ou melhor OCEANIA Ilhas Salomão♔⛤????s.o.s

  11. Carlos Magno says

    Filhos☆☆do primeiro casamento hoje estou separado divorciado a 11 anos sonho sim pesso a Deus☆☆☆☆um novo casamento e que bom

  12. Carlos Magno says

    Agencia: 0776 Digito: 013 Número da Conta: 00040058-2 Banco da Caixa Econômica federal☆☆☆☆Salgueiro-pe
    Brasil????????????????????só quero ser feliz e ajudar bem a minha filha☆e os dois filhos☆☆do primeiro casamento

  13. Carlos Magno says

    ????☆☆☆☆??????????s.o.s e MEIDEI.. …………………salmos 23

  14. Carlos Magno says

    Dólares obrigado e' por Danos moraes e' por Danos materiais e' por Danos Físicos e Por Danos em Minha alma☆☆☆☆??????????

  15. Carlos Magno says

    S.o.s e MEIDEI tá legal gostaria de ganhar receber a minha indenizatória de $ milhões ou que nem ????Eu☆passo a uns 15 anos os $ milhões de Reais ou Dólares

  16. Carlos Magno says

    Salgueiro-pe 12/07/2020, 18:33
    ??????????Principi☆☆☆☆Carlos Magno Menezes de
    Unidos da America????????s.o.s e MEIDEI tá legal

  17. Francesca Cerreto says

    Your highness, beautiful yatch la regina di Italia Francesca Cerreto

  18. Poppy Dennis says


    අමෝර්ෆියා නම් අවතාරය ඔහු එනතුරු බලා සිටියේ ෂින්ගල් මුහුදු වෙරළේ ය

  19. syed ahmed says

    The future ruler of saudia and a terrible one

  20. budi Y81 says

    Moga kami bisa sokses seperti beliau.

  21. Bipin solanki says

    Khuda detahe chhapar fadke

  22. Ahmad Ali says

    عداوة ال سلول لليمن تاريخيه ولابد من موجهة ال سلول وطردهم

  23. Ahmad Ali says

    لعنة الله على سلمان

  24. Ahmad Ali says

    حاكم غير مرغوب فيه

  25. Ahmad Ali says

    محمد بن نايف أشرف منك ومن ابوك. سلمان. انت تربية يهودية وملك ال سلول. نهايته. اسمك والحوثي حاكم الجزيره. الجديد بتعاون ايران وكل ما تملكه. من خيرات الشعب اليمني وأرضه المحتله أيديكم. ياعملا

  26. xeryus illumanti killa says

    U weak ass king Christian dig

  27. Mickaël Leplay says

    Mohammed bin Salam ?️?❤️???️vous êtes une belle personne dieu vous protège mon amis ainsi que votre famille et votre peuple ????❤️

  28. Helena Berkova says

    Why so much jealousy? Everything is O.K. than who gonna be first in Hell

  29. juwita Sujatmiko Afandi says

    Mohammed Bin Salman LifeStyle 8 mei 2018
    Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Biography on You Tube

  30. Zeeshan Ahmed says

    كُلُّ نَفْسٍ ذَائِقَةُ الْمَوْتِ

  31. Lone Shabbir says

    Love ??????

  32. Ch Ayaz says
  33. Shehab Almalki says

    This video is fake and no buddy knows about his real life, hwo made this video made all expensive car’s to delude the viewer that it belongs to him

  34. Khalif Wafi yaofa says

    ??? Muhammad bin Salman I LOVE U To FOREVER ??

  35. arobin arokiyaraj says

    I hate Saudi Arabia
    Worly worst country
    Aduthavargalin sambalathil valpavargal
    Muttalgal thirudargal
    Go to hell

  36. Hard candy 711 says


  37. Hard candy 711 says

    Sad my Brother MOHAMMED , What we you do when Cruise Missile start flying all over Saudi Araba , Trump about to be kick out for accepting your Money , Remember Saddam of IRAQ and his Son  or did you forget Brother Cadiffie how they chase him down like a Dog, all those hundreds of MILLIONS AND GOLD STOLE , I See Saudi ARABIA the same path , no nuclear technology  no security , Israel has over 200 nuclear bomb for anybody that dare to invade them ,HAS SAUDI ARABI SOLD IT SOUL TO THE ZIONIST .

  38. Joy Lucas says

    Iligo nio yan tanggal init ng katawan nio ???

  39. Joy Lucas says

    Panu maiicp ng isang gao ang tao n never nl nkasama never nl nkausap at never nl nmeet in person. Either pingpapantasyahan nia. Libog kang yan. Nd kc kau naliligo eh. Init lang ng katawan yan. ???

  40. Mazharul Islam says

    I don’t have any interest to know any dog's lifestyle.

  41. Santosh Yadav says

    Sorry sir

  42. T M says

    Killed millions in yemen and introduced world to wahabbism. Opress the saudi citizens and use Petro dollar to cause chaos. Should be in jail.

  43. Dens Jong-un says


  44. Prince Harambe says

    When oil run's out he will selling country to survive

  45. ashique Ashiq says

    Luxury life

  46. Lena Kaiwi says


  47. Janina Wiśniewska says

    Widziałam te Twoje wspaniałości .Masz stylowe i piękne .Lubię .janka

  48. VeNoN says

    And Newcastle owner

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