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Modern agriculture technology, Water system and fish farming


Modern agriculture technology, Water system and fish farming / បច្ចេកវិទ្យាកសិកម្មទំនើបប្រព័ន្ធទឹកនិងការចិញ្ចឹមត្រី។

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  1. Sen SenPhalla says


  2. Yon Yong says

    ត្រីក្នុងវីដេអូនេះអាយុវាប៉ុន្មានហើយបង ធំៗល្អណាស់

  3. KiNG.89 says

    How big about the land size.

  4. P Technology says


  5. sarita desai says

    Catch n kill some fish it’s fun

  6. GB World Trade Export & Import - Korea says

    Very nice video

  7. Joly Cuadernal says


  8. Dis Master says

    No common sense on feeding animals or fish. Drop all the food at one place and the fish is struggling to get a bite. Most will go hungry as they are crawling over each other to get food.

  9. Alongbar Basumatary says

    Tell me first brother Where are u from

  10. Omana Antony says

    Which fish is this ?

  11. Naija Lolade says

    This is not modern, it's too risky.. Rainfall can wash all of them out.. There should be reinforcement arround the pool and also net bellow and above it for security.. THat will make it modern..

  12. Tout Faire Soi Même Marc Sa says


  13. kutai kuno says

    Modern???? Just dig n put duck n fish ?

  14. Home TV M 123 says

    Nice farm

  15. Create Mymy says

    Plant some herbs with strong root system around the edges of the fishery. You could loose all the land to erosion gradually and even the home could come under danger.

  16. LIFETIME FOOD says

    The ducks do not eat the fish

  17. Enok Chettri says

    Dont duck eat fish??

  18. Doberman Nguefack says

    Bull shit!!!!
    Non-sustainable system!
    The quality of water is horrible, no protection against soil erosion and quality of water ; first rain, and all the sediment from the bare soil will be transferred into the channel. The soil seem to be oxisol, the channel were not lined, the water should be turbid, charged with sediment: it’s possible this video has been edited with special effect. We see all for a sudden old fishes yet the channel edges have not aged!!!!!

  19. Sok Yeng says


  20. cheam bunthoeun says

    Where is farm?

  21. Mini pham says

    you call this modern lol….

  22. Usman Khan says

    From where water coming?

  23. PlantGrower: AYOG Agri-Venture says

    good luck to this farm

  24. Som Ang says


  25. سمير فرج فرج says

    عايز اعرف معلومات عن تربيت البلطي

  26. manuel kabayao says

    this is stupid. duck and fish.?

  27. Dilip Bhandarge says


  28. Onkar Prasad Yadu says

    Pls is techniqe ke bare me info do

  29. KHMER MUSIC says


  30. ហែម ឆេន says


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