Model Tips and Tidbits for Travel

Modelinia got the scoop on what to eat, drink, pack, and wear to look fabulous while you travel who better to ask for tips when traveling the world than the girls who prove beauty is a universal language?

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  1. Best tip: I always try to eat very healthy, hydrating foods, no wheat or sugar and lots of water. It's a lot easier to deal with a crazy schedule when your health is great 🙂

  2. I feel like the one who said "travel first class" was the most honest! Hahaha it's true though. If you travel first class you will feel so much better!

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  4. I am a model from ohio, I am not a "big model" I dont travel the world but I do alot of work in ohio and make great money. there is plenty of local photographers to work with and I also work as an event model. I really believe ANYONE can model.

  5. Modeling isn't all about the genetic lottery, there are some out there who aren't what would be classically known as beautiful, it's a talent and a lot of work.

  6. christy turlington's model checklist according to sandra bernhart………. I smoked a cigarette, I stubbed my toe and what else was there? oh yeah, a kit kat that was it!!

  7. models are full of themselves…. but age will creep in and soon will be soggy 🙂 i like that……
    so full of themselves…like they think everyone loves them :)…in time…the worst thing a model can hear is 'next'

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