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Mini Food | Stir Fry Beef With Telosma Cordata Flower | Tiny Kitchen


Hello everyone! Today I will show you how to stir fry beef with telosma cordata flowerwith mini kitchen set.

Mini Kitchen Set | Stir Fry Beef With Telosma Cordata Flower | Miniature Cooking


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  1. Mini Foodie says

    Mini Food | Stir Fry Beef With Telosma Cordata Flower | Miniature Real Food | Kitchen Set

  2. Trump Andrew says

    Sadly food is expensive in my country just because of COVID-19 🙁

  3. Tony John says

    I love that easy food recipe! Looks perfect! Like it <3

  4. Jii says

    Excellent! Glad I found your videos. You should look into using smzeus . c o m!! I used it to promote my social media, you could use it to promote your videos!!

  5. lê ngọc anh says

    Good luck

  6. Roland Misoa says


  7. Hanako Yuka says

    Looks like everyday food in Vietnam. Can you make Japanese sushi?

  8. Lisa Art says

    Who else is watching this at midnight during the Coronavirus 🙏

  9. Lê Xuân Tùng says

    Awesome video <3 Good luck

  10. Olivia Moise says

    Amazing ♡

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