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Minecraft Song ♪ "SAVE OUR CROWN" A Minecraft Parody! (Music Video)


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● Directed by: The Atlantic Craft
● Written/Directed by: Justin Smith
● Animated by:
● Music/Vocals by:
● Building Sets by: Hyperscale
● Lyrics by:

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Minecraft Song ♪ “SAVE OUR CROWN” A Minecraft Parody! (Music Video)

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  1. TheAtlanticCraft says

    Woot woot! You guys wanted it so here it is! Atlanteans 2 the 2nd parody in the underwater world of atlantis! Thank you all so much for supporting me over the years <33. Also yes I did have to reupload the fps was really choppy. (it looks much more snazzy now)

  2. Jnede Plays says

    Me:mining my own damn business*
    Lazer hits me*
    Me:looks in water*
    Also me wtf is going on down there

  3. Francisca Hilario says

    it so sad it make me ???

  4. francyn guiang says


  5. H Bosson says

    3 years later

  6. althafA3 ANDRIANTO says


  7. Games and Fun Stuff with Indigo Turtle says

    At 1:58 I saw herobrine behind the tank 0lz like if you saw

  8. Flying Jaxan says

    This is me and my sister me as the penguin my sister as the other dude the element dudes my big brothers and sisters

  9. Perla Garcia says

    they got the song by one deriection

  10. Ace Gamingz says

    I was here when this video only had 1k views but in another account

  11. Andrew Konowitz says

    Is this just an animated version of the ancient myth of the greek titan war? BUTTTTT… if it is the titan war… and there were 4 titans in the beginning of the video would that mean this guy got his inspiration from the Disney movie HERCULES? BECAUSE THEN IT WOULD BE TOTALLY UNREALISTIC AND TRASH. DISNEY DOESN'T KNOW GREEK MYTHOLOGY!!!

  12. trumpet things and gaming says

    Who ever is a one direction fan should like this

  13. Brody's adventures says

    What happened kraken kids parents won't crack and made his own video about his parents dying

  14. jay 23 says

    Accidents comes with vengence

  15. X tree(gacha life) says

    Anyone else watching this for nostalgia

  16. Joel Rey says

    Das ist das coolste Video

  17. lol cute says

    A another song of drag me down. I used like this song (and I still do)

  18. Phoenix Gamer says

    A lettuce can save anything ok

  19. Laura Ciocca says

    hi i am the dark Hayden Skywalker the ultimate dark side

  20. Neal Sebastian says

    ada misteri ko ada api

  21. CoryTheReptilianQueen Cornellyus says

    How do you even dispose of those bodies?

  22. Torrey Akinola says

    Doing the flips a real life

  23. Torrey Akinola says

    Imagine that was actually Cody

  24. Michael Vu says


  25. Lilly V says

    Reading the comments while listening to da song

  26. Taito Tamura says

    Who is listening in 2020

  27. Heather Dube says

    Yes we will do it

  28. Ghoulグール says

    My childhood!<3

  29. Lok Hang Li says

    FOR ALANTIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Dragon girl crazy gamer wolf vampire emeint angle says

    Kraken: no!
    Me: he lost his pranten


    this is a epic battle not gonna lie

  32. Preston Lorensen says

    No offense
    But I would have kept fighting

  33. Preston Lorensen says

    Cody was a bit of a wimp thoe when his arm got cut

  34. Ken Ngo says

    I forgot who the name of the squid? It’s just been so long.

  35. Zero Two says

    *Nostalgia triggers*

  36. Alex ga0 says

    It is just amazing how a four minutes Minecraft parody can tell a full and awesome story

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