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Minecraft PE Mod Showcase : MO' FOOD! [Pocket Edition]


Hope you enjoyed, check out links below 🙂 500 likes for new mod showcase tomorrow!

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  1. Meda Jablonskytė says

    like if 2015

  2. vanana says

    Since I dowloaded the mod I get rotton flesh EVERY SINGLE TIME I kill a zombie

  3. vanana says

    For me I broke wheat and I got cookies and golden apples

  4. vanana says

    So that's how that that zombie dropped rotten flesh in my mcpe world

  5. Миша Пигунов says


  6. Branden West says

    How I can join u on 0.9.5

  7. Branden West says

    How I can join u on 0.9.5

  8. Anisha Dasari says

    how do you down lode the mod

  9. Vicente Silva says


  10. rrichxe says

    Texture pack?

  11. Peachclapped Cuckold says

    Rotten Flesh gives you the hunger effect in pc ver but if you give the rotten flesh to a witch she will absorb the hunger particle/effect

  12. Peachclapped Cuckold says

    Can you buy the pc version or the x-box 360 ver. So we can play together cuz mcpe sucks it glitches and ..

  13. Camesha Morris says

    @Nexy I can tell you aren't sexy. Proof: Not + Sexy = Nexy I now feel evil. Mwahaha

  14. PrinceWar says

    Rose are red, Violets are blue I love COOKIES and they love me too. Also Ace Loves Muffins

  15. Rae Tan says

    theres 2 g apples 1 good other 1 op

  16. Cutbarbacue388 says

    I think rotten flesh should heal 2 hearts but do X2 damage for 39 seconds

  17. Steven Harijanto says

    What versions this work? Sorry bad english

  18. WhiteSolstice says

    I did the same vid as that if u want to watch it plz

  19. MonKEeZ says


  20. Adrian Becerra Bezanilla says


  21. roger interian says

    my faborite part was when you got the golden apple

  22. Bajan's Biggest Fan says


  23. Anastasia Moore says

    Cheat I tried it

  24. rusty buss says

    Next plz continue 0.8.0 letsplay

  25. Vernice San Felipe says

    nexy please do pokemon/pixelmon mod :))

  26. Annthesupercrafter says

    Iron chest

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