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  1. This page has the most thumbed up comments. Also many of them have the most thumbs up I have ever seen. These songs bring us all togheter in precious memories of the old and simple, yet beautiful days of Minecraft! Iven tough the new versions are awesome, I sometimes miss the Alpha days. :')

  2. @RedZenox if you want this seed , input any seed at all , put alot of TNT in your inventory , go down 30 blocks and stuff the whole place with TNT and blow it up !

  3. @Arjahn767 You can still do that… No one forces you to make redstone circuits or to install mods on your minecraft. I don't use any of them and I don't complain.

  4. Man……. I miss the original Minecraft. When there was no dye, no names above the items, the door just opened instead of hitting it open, etc. Notch should give you a choice, do you want to play Beta1.5, or Original Alpha.

  5. This music is tottally diffrent from what i normally listen too… but yet i love it!
    When ever i listen to the music while playing i never want it to stop..but when it goes away * ;[ *
    This music is just so beautifull.. <3

  6. I Like The Second Song Most specially the part at 6:12 where you think that the song has ended.. but then it goes bit louder and its aahhh i have been mining by this song alot just no word … beatiful :,)

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