Minecraft MindCrack – SMP4 E14 – Random Music

Playing on the MindCrack SMP server, populated entirely by other Minecraft YouTube personalities. This is a private (whitelisted) server and does not take applications. We are currently using the latest vanilla Minecraft snapshots with the “No Health Regen” option enabled.

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Music: “Go Cart” by Kevin MacLeod incompetech.com

Thumbnail cartoon by puffinantlers:

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  1. Kurt! Since you don't like horses for racing, why not use pigs instead? Get some pigs with saddles and carrots on sticks to use for racing around a track. That way you won't have to mess around with water! Whatever you chose to do, I can't wait to see it!

  2. Personally, I really enjoyed the mumble plugin. Sure you guys don't talk much during those periods, but the tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife. It's very atmospheric and adds a new depth to the competition. I sincerely hope that the plugin is used in more UHCs.

  3. Kurt, perhaps you could try collaborating with other Mindcrackers on builds, since you seem to lack the creativity and motivation to just build on your own. It is a multiplayer server, after all!

  4. Actually, villagers do turn into witches when struck by lightning.

    anyway, don't you remember that one Doctor Who episode with shakespeare? maybe they're teleporting from rexus 5, or whatever that planet was!

  5. Kurt, you should build some more random air/space craft at the block height limit dotted around the map.. Juno looks quite pretty up there, especially at sunset. 

    Maybe you could build, like.. a moon, or something. That would look cool. 

  6. Nice vid Kurt! We don't care if you just tour the server or do talky episodes. We just like to see you do something on the mindcrack server. Please do more mindcrack episodes instead of once a month :/

  7. Hey Kurt! I just figured out that I've been watching your videos since Your Space X travelogue videos! You're the one who got me into watching YouTube and now creating videos of my own 🙂 Just wanted to say thanks for all of that and for still being my inspiration. And with your M.A.S.A. Command Center, try making a small satellite above ground, and the rest underground! Since you like carving/sculpting out blocks rather than placing them 😀

  8. My idea for a future build project for you is to build a slice of Mars. Stained glass sky dome, red sand and indigo and grey stained clay rocks, and a few little rovers on the surface. Granted, it'd come out as a red desert with a dome over it, but I still think it'd look cool. I like the race track idea, too.

  9. I thought "silent/stealth mode" in the last UHC was good, sure that means no commentary but if you're suddenly silent the viewers know what's up and the tension makes things a lot more exciting. So the mumble plugin was a good thing in my opinion, and hopefully it'll be used again in the future UHC seasons

  10. itd be cool if wizards could spawn in very specific locations like above a certain altitude and only in snow biomes; as if they were up there in solitude doing like, wizard stuff.  Maybe they would avoid the player. . .  or follow the player

  11. Personally, I prefer the "normal" UHC where you can only locate others through Minecraft, and you can talk all you like. However, it did add that element of 'shhhh…'

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