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Minecraft In Game Music – nuance2


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*Note* I do not own any of this content. I got this straight from the game of Minecraft, and I just wanted to upload it so people can enjoy the music.

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. Jamie O'Connor says

    Alternative Song Name: Oxygene – Minecraft Volume Alpha

  2. Hildye Jones says


  3. Mr Yztrey says

    The sunset song

  4. Kars Vilayet says

    This game is a legend i started at 2011 And wont quit it i promise

  5. RBLXzxv says

    When I was little I heard a cow moo and this music playing at the same time and I thought of a flying cow with wings and a halo ?

  6. Denny Ya no I behind The camera says

    my sister took my ps3 i had so much friends some little bastard made me change my internet password and i was offline for a while when i got on messages and

    sniffle* everyone was offline

  7. thepostedtoast says

    Sadly I never really liked this one.

  8. Not Leong says

    Please do not come here if you don’t even want to read how much their miss old Minecraft

  9. Criticizer VR says

    Song feeling: Excited

  10. antoxic says

    BRO A … A … A… AN ENDERMAN LOOK DOWN ! Men if you died i will look down and see our past

  11. SupraMk4Nerd 06 says

    This would play when I was wondering in a plain boime

  12. The_Legendary_Akil says

    Oxygéne (nuance2.ogg)

  13. NoName ༄ says

    good ol' days when i always thought creepers were zombies, and zombies were creepers.

    Took me 9 months to realize it was the other way… ;-;

  14. CentaurMM6 says

    On my big 1.6 beta tower looking at the beautiful sunrise

    And then I fell of and died
    I was laughing so hardXD

  15. Matt1 says

    Lost in a desert biome at sundown anyone?

  16. Its Zimyc says

    these songs bring back old minecraft memories

  17. xcc4 says

    this would play when i come out of a mineshaft when the sun is setting

  18. Evan Blackburn says

    if you use the galacticraft mod and go up in space while this song is playing, its breath taking

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