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Minecraft In Game Music – calm2


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*Note* I do not own any of this content. I got this straight from the game of Minecraft, and I just wanted to upload it so people can enjoy the music.

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  1. ElGabu UgU says

    Todavía recuerdo la primera vez que jugué Minecraft y escuché está canción 😉

  2. robert mercado says

    used to play minecraft since i was 8 back in 2013 ?

  3. liam brooks says

    "I wish there was a way to know you where in the good old days before you left them."

  4. 小さな麺m2o꙰J⃖I⃟N҉ø says

    Very good times (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

  5. TheCursedCookie says

    I always would hear this song when the sun was setting in Minecraft and I would rush into my house and sleep. ahhh memories ?❤️

  6. Biqo Video Games says

    I'm here at the end of a long day

  7. Ellie Turner says

    Pretty much

    Survival Music – OG music
    Creative Music – Added theme from update

  8. Jamie O'Connor says

    Alternative Song Name: Clark – Minecraft Volume Alpha

  9. GameBoyAdvance Player says

    When i got minecraft for the first time on xbox 360 in 2014 i wasn't able to connect the console to internet (i was 7 Years old) so i played the demo level (idk how ITS called in english cause im french and in french it is called "didacticiel") and this is the first music i Heard ! Today im 13 and i never stopped playing minecraft (on pc and Wii U) i never played fortnite so im glad im the only one at my age that never played fortnite or others crap like it ?

  10. Misu_ Mochi says

    This just made me cry, all the nostalgia and everything just.. wow

  11. Hildye Jones says

    Enter The City

  12. Hildye Jones says


  13. Philip Elwell says

    I just LOVE this soundtrack. It completely pacifies my soul. Great imaginative world.

  14. Sebastian Warren says

    I heard this so long ago I wonder where it has gone

  15. Omar Hernandez says
  16. Moisés :D says

    X box nostalgia

  17. ZznoodleszZ says

    I’m getting halo vibes

  18. julia duran says

    So many memories of my Xbox 360!?

  19. Luigi 4 3d says

    From C148

  20. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore says

    Remember when these songs made us turn off music because it got annoying? Now look at us

  21. YourLocalMemeDealer says

    Ah, those warm xbox days, when you had no cares in the world.

  22. UltimateJojo - Fortnite & more says

    havent heard this in a while for some reason

  23. YouTube gaming says

    I played this game when I was 6 before running was a thing but now I'm 13 and I miss the old days

  24. Tobi Mito* says

    Sad music

  25. kEdavra says

    fuck i hate these cringe "oh my child hood oh im so sad"

  26. Random Chicken says

    This always plays when you are hunting mobs at night

  27. David Moreira says

    Good music for me ☺

  28. Chandler Mooring says

    This hit right in the feels.

  29. Maller Show Entertainment says

    When the Hero in A Movie Dies

  30. Jii Blox says

    this is the best minecraft song ever

  31. Gerson Rios says

    I now hate mojang because they had removed the original songs

  32. Bman says

    This music played while I was returning home after going on a mining trip that was far, far away from my house

  33. Atel Satel says

    Ben bu şarkıyı her dinlediğimde aklıma enn yakın arkadaşım geliyo

  34. David Montel says

    this is my fav mo lie i got my head phones in and i play with my friends i tell them to shut up i go to my farm and chill

  35. Timeless Gaming says

    yay half of my life waste- uhh i mean spent well on minecraft

  36. rafagha EDIT games denegri de freiatar says


  37. Ivan Niemi says

    I miss the old times

  38. Gaming Freak says

    i didn't know bout this game until last year … and im addicted

  39. Jesse gaming Brown says

    Minecraft x box 1 addition memories ???????????????????

  40. DickNess says

    90 Minute Demo Mode

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