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Minecraft Bedrock: Simple HOGLIN FARM! Infinite Food Farm! 1.16 Nether Update Tutorial


Welcome to another Bedrock Edition Tutorial video! Today i show a NEW Hoglin farm! Build this and you will have food forever in your Minecraft world! This is a simple and cheap design for the Nether Update, and i hope it serves you well in your worlds! 😊 If you enjoyed this tutorial, make sure to leave a like! It helps the video! Have a great day 😀

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0:00 Important Info
1:22 Mechanics
3:01 Nice Things We Don’t Have
5:03 Tutorial
14:47 Item Collection

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Music by Argofox:

Spawning platform:
1582 slabs (for spawning platform)
1312 trap doors
546 glass
172 nylium
170 buttons
165 warped fungus
Above materials x2 if you want two spawning floors

Basic kill chamber:
518 glass (for walls/walkways. Walkways MUST be glass)
127 buttons
64 soul campfires
64 hoppers (or hopper minecart item collection)
20 solid blocks
16 warped fungus
16 nylium
8 chests

Fire resistance potions!

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  1. silentwisperer says

    Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy this farm in your worlds! 😀 I have some ideas for how to make a different, possibly faster farm as well, maybe you'll see that soonish if there is enough interest in these types of farms:) <3 Take care all!

  2. WOLF _1466 says

    Everyone: reporting bugs
    Me: 4:17 (looked at ghast) WTF

  3. Hector Raoux says

    Build a tree farm next

  4. Ben Bruzek says

    Why not just have a lava blade

  5. HardcoreParkourBoiz says

    Anyone else notice the pig ghost texture pack

  6. Nathan N17 says

    does it have to be that big????

  7. Gabriel Slettner Forsberg says

    How mant blocks up are you going to afk

  8. T Roar says

    Butcher villagers buy pork and leatherworker villagers buy leather…..
    I don't need this many emeralds, but I'll do it anyway.

  9. xd TilledSwing says

    Does the lava kill chamber work in the new 1.16.2 update??

  10. DdeadlockedD says

    Does this work in 1.16.2?

  11. DonkeyKong Be kinda thic says

    yay leather

  12. IronixGaming says

    You Are The Best Bedrock Youtuber!

  13. Jchicken 40 says

    So cheap

  14. Reshma Nair says

    Admiring all bedrock

  15. Jeremy Norman says

    Im having issues with magma cubes spawning, I'm pretty sure i followed the tutorial exactly

  16. Kieran Seven says

    How many blocks do you need to spawn proof in each direction ?

  17. Krishna Katuru says

    any way to add more layers

  18. Cocn Balltorchr says

    Hey Silent,

    I started building this but halfway into the bulid I realized i built on the wrong Y coordinate (y coordinate 53) I was wondering if it will still work or if I have to start over.


  19. MTNE1996 says

    What is the smallest the spawning platform can be ?

  20. Donny Markowitz says


  21. Ember says

    An idea: in the kill chamber you could have dispensers with lava buckets that constantly place and pick up the lava so that the hoglins still go down and the lava still kills them.

  22. Wolfie Games says

    "Really cheap and efficient Hoglin farm."

    Materials list:
    Spawning platform:
    1582 slabs (for spawning platform)
    1312 trap doors
    546 glass
    172 nylium
    170 buttons
    165 warped fungus
    Above materials x2 if you want two spawning floors

  23. Jacob Mees says

    The budget killchambers dont work…my hoglins are not scared while they are standing on glass…do i need some solise blocks so pathfinde?

  24. Nyxtis says

    Why is the biggest problem with this whole farm not addressed…What about Ghasts???? What's to stop them from A: Killing you while going in and out of the farm, and most importantly B: Killing you on the wide open AFK spot???

  25. Red Shark says

    Is their a way to build a ghast farm on bedrock

  26. FergiDaFrog says


  27. Ryan Barouki says

    mine isn’t working i made it 21×21 and places trapdoors and did everything but nothing is spawning we tried to afk below it above and to side of it mob proofed 40 blocks around us and killed all existing mobs. It’s in a crimson lake and mob proofed the top where there’s a forest. Is there anything I can do?

  28. Mr Melon says

    Thanks silent!

  29. Infinity of Nolan says

    Making this farm will be super easy barely an inconvenience!

  30. Nyan Htoo Chon says

    Trick:raw porkchop can be sell to butcher villager for emaral and leather can be sell to leather worker for emerals.

  31. Oscar Narvaez says

    Can you please make a new one when the bugs get fixed?

  32. Gusion Paxley says

    perfect for my smp server haha. thanks silent!

  33. عراقي وافتخر says

    Good work 👍😍

  34. Jack This Out says

    All these bedrock players 'smelting' their bacon. What is this smoker block again?

  35. Minecraft Dude says


  36. EndermanFellow says

    Baby piglins could spawn right?

  37. ZinXGaming says

    Love the tutorial could we possibly get a gold farm in the near future? I need to stock up my piglin bartering machine…

  38. Justin Kessinger says

    I let really just dies in lava and lost all the recourxes

  39. Proviper says


  40. LazyRay says

    hey silent! if ya didn't know yet, foxynotail made some amazing resource packs for 1.16! you might want to check them out just in case

  41. yo26 says

    How does he do the thing where he crouched in mid air without going downwards? I know he’s on pc but so am I. Can anyone help?

  42. Pride of Bricks says

    What is the command block for?

  43. Luke Gens says

    Does this require glass or can I make it out of purely solid blocks

  44. Muhammad Firman says

    Yes this what i waited for so long

  45. Kyle Coffey says

    Would it be possible to use armor stands to attract the hoglins into a lava kill chamber?

  46. Wolf plays says

    I have a qustion silent,Why is the hoglin takes a minute before 1 spawn? Any idea how to make it a lot efficient? tbh This might be the hardest farm to build because of the trapdoor i cant even place a freaking trapdoor????

  47. Wolf plays says


    Me:oh ok nice, Now let me build that thick farm

    Me(after building the farm): I wanna die.
    the most crucial part in making this farm Is PLACING THE FREAKING TRAPDOOR!?!?

  48. Enzo Airosa says

    How u pick this block to copy the platform?

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