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here i use my new microwave omelet cooker

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  1. Alex Tolbert says

    do you have to use the egg substatut

  2. Freddy NJ says

    RIP man i still watch your vids

  3. My Opinion says

    You did not follow the instructions on how to use your new Omelet Maker. Everything you did was wrong. Done properly the omelet would have looked delicious.

  4. AngelBug109 says

    Interesting…..egg substitute I'm going to guess you're diabetic or have a health issue that you can't eat too many eggs? It definitely is convenient for on the go people.

  5. Ioana Scholler says

    it looks disgusting

  6. s3kck1v says

    R.I.P Hallsy.

  7. mh3rdwheel says

    You do know that he passed away while ago.

  8. pdog109 says

    how did that shit taste?

  9. Erica C says


  10. Rimax says

    my god burnt toast

  11. Kenyon Parker says

    how you going to say crack some black

  12. wwwdotcutecatdotcom says

    at 2:37 the omelette looks like a panda with jalapeno eyes 😀 thankyou!

  13. AlexTubed says

    Easy eggs are healthier actually, as most contain only egg whites with added flavoring. Leading to lower cholesterol and calories.

  14. frantahouska says

    "healthier" from easy eggs…. LOL!

  15. Sarah Potterpin says

    I think that was just the melted cheese, but i thought the same thing at first.

  16. kumbackquatsta says

    no oil needed?

  17. ooCarnieGirloo says

    Aldi's Fit & Active Items are awesome, healthy food with awesome taste!!

  18. Manuel Garcia says

    That looks bad.

  19. oBringMeTheDiscoCake says

    in america thats how its said

  20. Desmonid says

    Not gonna lie, his mis-pronunciation of jalapeño made me die

  21. hardrive76 says

    Was the omelette still runny. It looks like its not cooked all the way through

  22. vaiol123 says

    Aldi egg substitute 😛

  23. Floyd Maloto says

    That looks awesome! What's the egg substitute called?

  24. Joed Gonzales says

    crack some black lol

  25. Neal m says

    dude, thanks for making this video. I bought the exact omelet maker at the thirft store, there were not directions, so i was not sure how to use it. I figured that somewhere on youtube, someone would have made a video and sure enough, you did. Thanks. I want to eat something fast in the morning, and this thing fits the bill. It looks pretty good. Once again, thanks for making the video.

  26. john says


  27. chisaoboy says

    I like your ingredients, but honestly, it's easier to simply use a small non-stick pan… and the results looks better, too.

  28. Andrii says

    Буржуїни нам не друзі!!!

  29. missillie says

    This isn't "healthier" if you use a non stick pan.

  30. mtchll340 says

    Ok, so it's 2mins, then stir…Add fixins then 1min. When do you fold the omelet ?

  31. Rhonda J. Peña says

    It seems that eggs are the perfect drunk food.. Every video I watch is always from a lush.

  32. Rhonda J. Peña says

    Green pepper give me the poops

  33. leeson44 says

    LOL crack some black 🙂 ….. LOL

  34. George says

    @drumONdrugs23 I'm going to bed right now !!!

  35. RoryKenneigh says

    I want one of those Omlette cookers. Wonder where in the UK sells them. When I fry it always implodes when I flip 🙁

  36. SSSSFFFF says


  37. Tony Ishmeal says


  38. The Sock Monkey! says

    Looks great! I don't eat a lot of eggs but eat omelets on occasion! Great video!

  39. fastpups says

    That new contraption works pretty good! I might have to get one of them!
    The aardvarks, huh, dogs love eggs. haha

  40. Food Porn Network says

    So it doesnt get welded together? No fusion haha I guess you cant stuff it like a real omlet then really its more like scrambled kinda other than it has a shape

  41. Food Porn Network says

    I always wondered how those worked but you didnt show how or when you flip it together? Is that the last thing?

  42. Asiancookingmadeeasy says

    That is great! I need to get one of those for my mother in law – she loves healthy omelets. Thank you for posting this 🙂

  43. crosspecans says

    i got a like contraption but a touch smaller. i havent tried it yet.. coolness again!!

  44. JohnAllanification says

    go to bed,dude. i am, so i can get up early for breakfast. i'll be hav'n what yr hav'n.

    …. and thank-you fr making it. yes,it look's pretty good.

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