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Microsoft Teams for iPhone iOS Tutorial


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Microsoft Teams is available and accessible from anywhere, on any device, at any time. Learn to use Microsoft Teams on your iOS device to get work done on the go. This video will show you how to use your iPhone to work effectively on the go within Teams.

Signing into Teams: 0:30
Tour and Navigation: 1:00
Profile Settings: 1:15
Activity View and Notifications: 1:30
Chat View: 2:25
Chats and Calls: 2:45
Teams View: 5:10
Posts Tab: 5:40
Files Tab: 6:35

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  1. arvindmak1979 says

    There is low voice during meeting in iPad Pro even though volume is full..what to do?

  2. chèrrycakë says

    I have a question

    I’m on a iPad, and my friends keep adding me into these useless groups and they leave so I’m the only one in the group. I want to leave the group too, but I can’t find a option to do it. My friends showed me how, and they have a clear option “leave group” but I don’t, please someone help

  3. van e says

    What is the purpose of Wiki?

  4. Abdul Malik says

    i dont have team option how to fix that?

  5. Brishti Deka says

    I am unable to find the ‘leave team’ option on my iPhone which is available in android…Any idea how I can leave a team?

  6. SAUCY says

    how do i join a team

  7. Mash says

    How can I see more than 4 screens on iPad/ iphone

  8. natalililia25 says

    Is it possible to pin a certain person’s video during conference call in microsoft teams on a mobile phone?

  9. Sonali Bhoke says

    How to raise our hand..!!

  10. TCS. Bannu Campus says

    Please answer me when is share my scree and open youtube but no one can hear voice is there any setting in mobile?

  11. A Alqallaf says

    Where can i see the rising hand icon?

  12. Rubi says

    It’s telling me to put a code in but I can’t because it’s not my phone email it’s my school one

  13. Zhanyar Roblox says

    I need to make a team how?

  14. Priya Rajesh says

    They don't ask me for the password… They tell they are gonna send a code ?

  15. Trey G says

    I signed in its saying there's an error what the hell

  16. KeepYourCalm♥️ says

    Pl help I have classwork and assignement options but I can't open them it's not wifi problem dho 🙁

  17. keerthana .B says

    How to record the audio

  18. Omar Hussein says

    Does this work

  19. Omar Hussein says


  20. Gulzaar Channiwala says

    My iPhone 11 pro max is showing blur

  21. Chaaru Bansal says

    Where can we find class material option in this app on smartphone??

  22. Ava Denton says

    who else got sent here from teacher

  23. DM LaRock says

    Thanks. This is handy. I am trying to share my screen in Teams and it keeps telling me to turn some things on in the Control Center of my iphone11. Not finding it easy to work. Are you familiar?

  24. stelliana ellie says

    Hi. How do I start a meeting for my group created in the Teams tab? It seems that the Meet Now button is missing in iphone when I am inside a channel in Teams tab.

  25. Angela Friera says

    Y can’t I open files on my iOS it says cannot open files due to unsupported file type

  26. No Name says

    How do I blur my background using the app on ipad

  27. 『A1』 乛ABDULA says

    How to upload work In files by iPad
    Plz tellme

  28. 巨 MaddyFR 巨 says

    How to leave a chat?

  29. Freedive 305 says

    Is there a way to blur my background video when using the iphone Teams app?

  30. Nino Mikeladze says

    How can I start call in channels? I can from computer but not in phone. Can someone help me?

  31. Roxana Gomez says

    Hey I have a iPhone 10 and the call button doesn’t pop up how do I get the call button ?

  32. I can't find calendar and assignment ?

  33. HiiighAsAKite says

    The camera button is greyed out and it never asked me about camera permissions. There is no option for it in the app settings or the Teams menu on the phone’s settings. Have tried on both an iPad and an iPhone 7. Works fine on both Win10 and OSX. Am I missing something crucial?

  34. TheNormalGamer 90 says

    I’m on iPhone 11 Pro (no flex intended plz understand) and it doesn’t show the GIF button so yeah

  35. Metehan Deveci says

    How to accept to calendar ?

  36. Robyn H says

    I can’t find the call button. I’m using an iPad mini and I can’t see it anywhere. My format looks different from yours


    Why I cannot log in properly after the password it requires a code to verify on authenticatior and is never setting up?

  38. Przemysław Jakóbczyk says

    There’s no call button in groups on iOS! How am I supposed to start a call on mobile? Why is it only possible to join already ongoing group chats? Ridiculous!

  39. Tear Infamous says

    How do I get the calls button for mobile?

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