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33 bình luận trong “Metaphor Coaching | SILVER 5 Kayn LIVE GAME

  1. After watching this im wondering if Tyler1 was right and people like us in low elo shouldn't buy any active items because we dont use them. No disrespect to the player though, the main reason i hated the stopwatch meta was becasue i would use it about this much as well.

  2. I am a plat 2 Kayn main (despite my youtube name) and i learned a lot from this guy, but also from personal experience. I just wanna say that some people complain about Kayn beeing broken just because you know how to play him but in reality it is so freaking easy to counter him.

  3. I heard someone say “Kayn is so op when you’re playing in low Elo” so I decided to try him. And holy crap he was right. I’ve watched all your Kayn coaching videos. Keep it up man!

  4. he has a really nice coaching style compared to other coaches ….like LS actually actively trys to tilt his client and backseat game so hard the guy loses all confidence cuz all the yelling.

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