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MESSI vs RONALDO – 1st 100th, 200th, 300th, 400th, 500th, 600th & 700th GOAL in Career


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  1. SUR18 says

    Best PLayer in the world??

  2. Sear Ask says

    Top 2 players of the history of footbal.

  3. Felipe Vieira says

    Bayern 8 x 2 Barcelona

  4. Obimso Malo says

    Messi's goals of every hundred is fantastic.

  5. قرآن كريم says
  6. crybitterlyhoney says

    Я же не один ждал бороду месси;)

  7. Gaby ツ says

    Ronaldo >>>>>>>>>>>>>meshit

  8. ArMaPast16 says

    Imaginense un poster con las fotos de esos goles, ronaldo seria multicolores jaja y messi aburridamente solo azul y rojo jajajaja

  9. gtellado93 says

    It is incredible how between 200 and 300 there is one season. Messi in 2012 scored 92 goals.

  10. Mr R.R.C DON says


  11. Yusuf sukurov says


  12. Ju Rei says

    The thing is that Messi is a good assist player but Ronaldo nit

  13. Imtiwapang Jamir says

    Love how the comment section be giving respect to both these legends of the game without the useless n endless comparison between the two #GOATs

  14. Kollege Büffelecho says

    2:16 Penaldo

  15. Sergio Peracio says

    That is a big mistake in this vídeo.
    The 600 goal of Messi in his carreer, was against Atlético de Madri in a free kick in 04/03/2018

    This free kick against Liverpool, is de 600 only for Barcelona.

  16. Jayes says

    Even if Ronaldinho was the most talented footballer ever, messi and ronaldo are the bests of all time, nobody else was so constant for that long time

  17. zekzi mbappe says

    I feel sad to know that someday we wont be able to see Them again playing ill stop football when they quit

  18. pa desiii says

    Can't wait for 1000th

  19. Luka Blazquez says

    Should I be surprised Messi doesn't have one for Argentina?
    No? Didn't think so

  20. Aaron Isr says

    We going to miss to 2 monsters players football when they will finish his football careers

  21. Martin E says

    I remember seeing that free kick against Liverpool last year, to think that Messi has scored 100 goals since then it's absolutely incredible

  22. David Rey says

    Some of the things I saw in that video can be the difference of CR7 and Messi about THE TEAM… CR7 has been in 4 teams in his career and Messi only 1 since he was very very young guy… I think CR7 would can be more years in Real Madrid CF but money it's more important I think 🙁

  23. pokdu djsjx says

    I'm korean

  24. El ALIEN 501 says

    El gol 600 de Messi fue contra el atlético de Madrid de tiro libre bro

  25. David Galvez says


  26. HaCk & GaMePlAy Fr says

    Meilleur ronaldo

  27. Mustafa Erten says


  28. 이진우지롱2 says

    이거 보고있는한국인 손

  29. Jawad Ahsan says

    Messi best players

  30. João Vitor pereira says

    Na minha opinião os gols do messi são mais bonitos tirando 500

  31. Ozan Doğan says

    even their first goals was amazing no words both legends

  32. gonzalo luna says


  33. Manuel Bielsa says

    1st goal of messi is against Real Madrid

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