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MESSI IS COMING FOR RONALDO: that's why Leo can really move to Inter


MESSI IS COMING FOR RONALDO: that’s why Leo can really move to Inter

We think Lionel Messi is up to something…

And it seems that Inter prepares for something huge!

Hello everyone! Inside Football Channel wants to shed more light on the most interesting stories of 2020 and 2021 years.

Lionel Messi… What can be more important than one of the best players in the history of football?

Cristiano Ronaldo? Yes, for someone, Portuguese is really number 1.

But the situation around CR7 isn’t interested enough…

In today’s video, we’re going to tell you, why Leo Messi can follow Cristiano Ronaldo’s footsteps…

Into the Serie A!

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  2. Joshua Jimenez says

    He is going to inter

  3. Camara Sanoussy says

    The Best ??

  4. Tibap Romulus says

    Drama. At list u make ur dream video.

  5. Wendy Lafortune says

    Better for him to finish his career in Barcelona

  6. tevin stvalle says

    Whatever the Goat does they want to follow lol

  7. Noah Colman says


  8. Sun Sin says

    "Messi is coming for Ronaldo"

    Hehe.. with what?? Xavi and Iniesta? Juventus might be having the worst form in decades but is still good enough to r8pe Messi with his N word Inter team mates! lmao!

  9. snitch blasta says

    U should continue the "what top clubs will look like in 2025" a team like Manchester United next

  10. David De Nicola says

    You also have to see the benefit for Messi of moving to Inter Milan. His dream is to win the world cup. If he moves to Inter, he will be playing with other forward of Argentina in Lautaro, considering he stays. This will help chemistry for the world cup. He will also be in the most defensive league in the world which will help him in games at the world cup where some teams play defensive. He can learn a lot at Inter and this is a very under rated benefit of joining Inter.

  11. ghulam albaloshi says

    Messi will not leave barça

  12. Timmy thickness Big cheese says

    I’m an inter fan. I hope he moves

  13. jairo trevino says

    o my god this is the bigest fake new off 2020 my god messsi can do nothing out side barca jajaja this side is going crazy and need views just that

  14. CR 7 says

    If Messi gets frustrated with his Barca teammates which are better than Inter, imagine how he’s gonna be if he joins inter ???


    "And move to Syria"


    Messi comes for nothing. He can't takeover Ronaldo. Too weak for that

  17. Tony Volpino says

    Che cazzata , don't waste your time on this stupid video! Inter will not buy Messi!

  18. Sigom Morningstar says


  19. CF7 Tekkerz says

    I know better and more than what inside football knows

  20. Abbas Hayder says

    I was happy when he said messi can follow ronaldos footsteps that show inside football likes ronaldo more than messi lololololololol hahahaha ??????

  21. John Victor says

    The Italian El clasico would be amazing. Imagine the amount attention brought by Cristiano, unbelievable. Now with GOATS the Italian football is going to shine again!

  22. Ayad Rahman Adib says

    Ronaldo vs Messi is back .

  23. d1realspartan ps4 says

    I think he would regret not playing with ronaldo

  24. busy boy says

    it looks like a good news , let see if Barcellona is ready ,because Inter is for sure.

  25. Tokyo Drift says

    It would be a dream come true for two GOATS to be in the same team

  26. Prehistoric king A says

    He won’t leave

  27. Fantom 10 says

    messi will never leave barcelona as they saved his life.

  28. Sulaiman Adam says

    Leo should stay at barça.

  29. julius Claveria says

    I dont know my soccer future without messi on barca???

  30. Alexi Chaiban says

    I wont even watch the video. Messi doest care abt playing vs ronaldo thats bullsh*t af. Cmon grow up talk real football

  31. Aneesh Srikanth says

    Imagine a swap deal for Martinez.

  32. Mrinal Kanti Sarkar says

    Why does this channel don't have 1 million subscribers ?

  33. Silvio Ibe says

    Camp Nou

  34. Ulturna Triv says

    I don’t think Messi will not move to inter he has also confirmed he will stay at barca

  35. Pushkar Patil says

    messi should stay in barca

  36. WUNKHAI Axl says

    He wouldn't never leave Barca……..don't believed this video

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