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Mental health problems


He distinguishes two groups of effects: depression due to the stress of pandemic, second group is direct viral effects in those who are infected. Two studies Italian and Spanish. The former: severe hospitalized patients, second included mild cases and people who were infected but remained in the community. The severe cohort of course had more severe problems but some with mild disease had serious mental health consequences.

Health is taken for granted when you have it particularly mental health .Mental health suffering is difficult to conceptualize,when you are not suffering mental difficulties. Hence psychiatry is something which many people simply just don’t get it. A sort of Cinderalla subject. But people suffering may find the simplest task to be like climbing Mt Everest Everyone knows people like this. Don’t take mental health for granted.

Italian study: read it yourself. More than half recovered and suffered PTSB insomnia and depression (hopelessness, or so they feel and think, even though there is hope via treatment), anxiety (disproportionate reaction to outside stimuli).

Severity was in proportion to immflammatory effect of viral disease, ie severity of illness.. 390 people followed up one month after illness. Features of PTSD in 28%. Depression was the prominent feature in 31%. Thus, half the people who have covid illness will have psychiatric sequeali. Will these conditions resolve? We don’t know yet. Anxiety 40+ percent. 20% develope compulsive symptoms. OCDs can be anything. Can look bizarre. Can be simple things. Touch things, wash hands, whatver. People with this can have perfect insight, know it is not rational, but they have the compulsion.

Spanish online survey large size.People who had not been hospitalized and had now recovered.They still suffered depression anxiety and PTSD features. Collected data on mental state and spiritual wellbeing. Loneliness social support discrimination sense of belongingand inclusion . Spain of course a Catholic country. (Factor that in). Women did worse than men. The symptoms and signs not as bad as people who had severe disease but still quite a lot. 13:00 discusses relative numbers. These are still significant numbers even people with mild disease. Therefore we can expect to see elevated presentation of these kind of symptom. Older age groups did better. Those who believed that they had been provided adequate information fared better. Those with better financial stability did better. Ongoing symptoms, made it worse. Relatives with infection, made it worse.

Would say I have had patients with anxiety and depression and most do well. I myself have. You can make a full recovery and return to full duties. We can be doggedly positive…everyone watching this video will have a role helping someone who will be struggling. Our role is to be beside them and be with them and metaphorically or actually hand holding.

Around 19:00 discusses a third paper. Sequeali affecting the nervous system. We know about cardiac sequala. Neurology the paper on emergent nuerological issues. Do read it for yourself. Sever Acute Respiratory Sydrome is linked to neuro problems it is established, scientifically. But not as much as respiratory and cardiac. More information may emerge over the next month. One or two patients had “fits”. Autoimmune factor: abnormal muscle movement affects, Ischemia – pro thrombotic state: blood more likely to clot. Potential for a permanent stroke. Guillame-barres syndrome is a well known post viral temporary paralysis. Can effect breathing. 95 per cent make a full recovery. Caused by peripheral nerves. Other issues acute disseminated encephapholopathy immflammation of brain and spinal chord. Patients can get quite ill in acute phase but most recover. Treatment with steroids. Some long term residual damage may occur. Small sample, Pulmonary fibrosis, heart damage permanent. In terms of psyche disorders we will see a lot. Nuero probably we will see more most will resolve but not all. Requires quite a bit of patient management. After a year or so and hopefully the acute crisis phase of the pandemic resolves we will know more. Some countries lack infrastructure to cope with these problems.
The emerging spectrum of COVID-19 neurology: clinical, radiological and laboratory findings (Brain 8th July)

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  1. Jambu Chaugule says
  2. khalifakush 420 says

    Perhaps this should have been thought out more thoroughly. I mean, the $#&$ing President can say "Well, we don't need masks. We can have more than five people. It's a political event."

    Maybe Political Events shouldn't be > than substance or mental health group sessions.

  3. Alex Vidakovic says

    In my country they also noticed irritability and aggression in people with mild disease and in asymptomatic cases.

  4. Timmothy Copeland says

    I was literally born depressed. The hopelessness is not necessarily because a person feels their problems are so much more than other persons problems. It's that they feel they have no mechanism to combat it the way others can. There's a lot of grief that accompanies "just putting on a smile" because it creates a completely different persona than who you may see smiling. The grief compounds the depression because the person putting up a facade knows too well it's a facade, and the smile is changing nothing internally. It's just creating a fake person to be accepted and approved of by the people around them, which in turn compounds the loneliness and detachment.

  5. David Loscialpo says

    We can reduce the deaths. Read this journal article
    Also watch this debate on the pros and cons of vaccine

  6. The Not So Private Podcast says

    https://youtu.be/GwiNxn8pYog – Episode 13 “I HAD COVID-19” This episodes details the experience of a Louisiana man (35) who battled COVID and survived. Listen in as he describes his journey through recovery!

    ANCHOR PODCAST: https://anchor.fm/notsoprivatepod/episodes/I-Had-COVID-19-ehejpd

    APPLE PODCASTS: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/i-had-covid-19/id1509740795?i=1000486606649

  7. Suzy M-H says

    How do these stats on post-Covid mental health compare to research on depression and anxiety after other illnesses or hospital stays? Better? Worse? Similar?

  8. Richard Valdez says
  9. Harrison Walter says

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  10. margaret neanover says

    I respect many of your videos…this one being controversial about cause and effect. Yes something seems to anesthetized the mind with bipolar irritants. That doesn't always say that learning means it's more correct. For instance the outside stimuli used as excuse by others doesn't always get away with it. Yes I seem to see how it's used as a tool for gathering what some desire. They called Jews crazy for religion . they wanted the land. They being all involved that got remainders of that war. Sad fact Dr.
    Other quietly stigmatized things as they need concern. For instance…i went to doctor recently…i received first a tethered cord diagnosis after a stroke possible from neurology. Then my family docs nurse ask if I'm on any meds. I said no but maybe need to be…lol
    She then said yes many of us are depressed these days. For all my control I was wondering .. Aside covid and answers..what she meant. It's frequent like some either go search for or cannot handle most of life. So what's going on? A rambling post to you about what's going on elsewhere…correct. We should spread the unsaid secret. Yes we do need to know if covid is frying minds .. Exactly…remote maybe

  11. Brian D says

    Coronavirus not if you get it but when you get it.
    Once again the NBC news focusing on the few cases going bad versus the zillion people who catch this and never have a severe problem. Even those with severe problems the majority of them recover.
    I've got a great idea let's destroy the economy over everything that could possibly hurt anyone who's close to dying anyways. Let's hand out helmets and guardrails and knee pads for everyone and it's mandatory you have to use them.

  12. Jo Titman says

    Haven't there been some studies on inflammation and depression? Pretty sure I read something about this somewhere.

  13. Sarah Strong says

    Thank you for carefully explaining things.

  14. Sarah Strong says

    That's not a new persistent cough is it dear Dr John?

  15. Sarah Strong says

    Well getting ill with something with something like covid19 makes you feel vulnerable & then with feeling run-down afterwards of course you feel depressed.

  16. Mauritius Dunfagel says

    Much death in my dreams. I know I’m going to die. I may as well end it now!

  17. Regan Parenton says

    I just published a new video on suicide awareness on my channel ♡

  18. Michaela Peterson says

    I think the biggest thing getting to me is feeling like no one cares. In the US earlier this year people were putting up signs thanking healthcare workers and trying to buy us lunch. Now covid is picking up speed and no one seems to care and some patients tell me not to worry because it isn't real 😔 and people are going out to bars and parties like the pandemic isn't still happening.

  19. Idea phase says

    The truth is in the comment to this comment.

  20. Hillside Hermit says

    after being ill for many years, i got a unknown viral infection in Jan 2018 was totally bed bound for almost four months, ive never had a ' flu'? Type virus that lasted that long, ive had colds and flu a few times and they lasted about three weeks at most,since then ive developed hypothyroidism that wasn't there before,plus my other health problems and disabilities have worsened, im now permanently bed bound,can only get up for a few minutes, 😢

  21. AAH Replies says


    If you give children and adolescents/teenages ASPIRIN for chicken pox or flu, [and some other viral illnesses] some are susceptible to getting Reye's syndrome, which in effect causes encephalitis – brain damage and dangerous symptoms such as confusion, seizures and loss of consciousness . The reasons are not it seems completely understood,   but aspirin is more of a blood thinner and anti-inflammatory than a pain killer, so this may be part of the reason.

    It has especial interest at the moment because of COVID. According to doctors, 'suppression' [immuno-suppressants or 'steroids' and anti-inflammatories] is believed  to be key to surviving severe COVID.

    But, it's also thought to trigger Reye's syndrome , as such although not much is being said, it seems that more people are becoming ill from the treatment [and dying], than they might have done if they had stayed at home and slept in the warm with a pint of Rioja
    , an apple [to keep the doctor away] and a warm dog [I jest, but actually this is deadly serious].

    It would seem that this is yet another instance of death by doctor in that more people are dying from the treatment than the illness.

  22. BluffMunkey says

    I was talking to a friend about this the other day who is obsessed with CV headlines. I think it's important to understand that a lot of this is unlikely to be CV specific (although as you say, we don't know).

    Anybody in a situation where their entire lives have been turned upside down (global lockdown) and then catching a disease that they have been told is REALLY DANGEROUS are going to suffer with mental fallback from contracting the disease. It also seems likely that the worst affected are those that are already on the wrong side of healthy. The same could be said of somebody who has an equally severe condition. If your fear centres are triggered for days or weeks on end, you will have a period of psychological recovery to contend with afterwards.

    I had a severe lung infection a few years back which required hospitalisation, was coughing up blood, had to have three courses of antibiotics to clear which hammered my stomach and digestion. I recall the severe depression and anxiety I experienced afterwards and it took me several months to feel 'human' again. Of course this wasn't a direct symptom of infection, rather a brutal period of illness and stress. I feel it's the same thing we're seeing here with Covid, with the exception of directly linked neurological side effects.

  23. tania derck says

    That's interesting! That people who had "more inflammation" suffered from more severe mental health issues… in my mind that means that people who suffer mental health issues most likely suffer from "chronic inflammation", among all the other "causes"… Just another indication that food is medicine! Chronic inflammation can be managed/cured through consuming alkalizing foods

  24. S Gordon says


    Cognitive behavioural exercises to help depressive symptoms.

  25. Sarah perry says

    Brilliant John , as much as we believe that many are struggling with immunity due to lack of Vitamin D levels , I believe also many suffering from mental health also disrupts the immune system , when our healthy well being is compromised it becomes more difficult to fight physical decline.
    After a personal struggle physical illness , PTSD , anxiety and depression it lead me to change my career path and study this area in order to assist others towards obtaining the emotional tool kit necessary to navigate life’s incoming threats to keeping emotionally fit.
    Should anyone in this community wish to seek advice / support I would be happy to be contacted ✨

  26. Good luck everyone says

    Lots of extra suicides around here and I live in the North of UK.

  27. kevin mckenzie says

    Germ theory was maliciously formulated, for personal financial gain, as a instrument of population control.
    Germ theory's a lie. There is no ''virus''
    RN Kate Shemirani & Dr. Andrew Kaufman
    EXPOSED!! Agenda 21 is a Plan to Depopulate 95% of The World Population By 2030.

    Welcome to the fabulous World of Radiation Pneumonitis.
    BIG PHARMA' a con, feeding you snake oil pills, causing further cellular DIS-EASE, thus ensuring your return custom.

  28. Päivi Duran says

    Have you made same survey among other patiens who were seriously ill, facing the fact of dying. It does depress that thought. When theres no hope, no cure.

  29. Cat Lover says

    Much appreciated here.. Thanks Alot.. Definitely going to be AND IS a factor & relevant to Many.. Attacking that "Mental" is important… And happening everywhere. 🙏👍
    Thanks again

  30. Truly says


  31. HouseCallAutoRepair says

    US numbers are inaccurate. Tests are flawed and inconsistent. Trump is deliberately allowing the STATES to fail. He knows HE can't win, so HE quit the game.

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