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Mental Health: In Our Own Words


13 people, aged 18-25 talk about what it’s like to live with a mental health problem, and what helps them cope.

Watch part 2
Find out more about the young people in this video

Music – “Memorized” by Josh Woodward

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  1. Cresent and star says

    Always think there are people in worse situations then you , always be great full and when your being bullied , don’t bully other people , and when your broke , give charity

  2. EdSON MendeS says

    It's a thing. It's real, and we need to talk about it. We need to start reaching out for each other and looking after each other! https://youtu.be/1OzjWgeIBgI

  3. Jonathan says

    Being mentally ill sucks. They say "chemical imbalance", give you prescribed drugs and they don't even work. How do we even know who's telling the truth behind most of what we read and hear? The only credible source is your body and mind, and your ethical, reasonable thinking.

  4. Airi Nokomis says

    Mind never worked for me but I have always supported them the best I can. I have suffered with Mental health illness from being a very young child in a traumatic environment. It does get better with help though.

  5. Chris Taylor says

    To all you thumbs down people I would say rot in hell, but I won't. I feel sorry for you, and so happy your mental health free, I wish I could be with you, Chris xx

  6. Solveig Sokcanic says

    clean up the environment & give living things clean air, water, food, & stop spraying the sky with toxic materials for geoengineered weather , etc,

  7. Solveig Sokcanic says

    stop violence against women & children , lock up pedophiles, get kids & people away from their mobile phones !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Solveig Sokcanic says

    stop putting fluoride in our water, stealing & poisoning the water with toxic chemicals, stop plastic pollution as theres plastic & chemicals in all our food, stop polluting the air & environment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Todd Denny says

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8szP7WoS6eI How one campus is reinventing mental health

  10. Ramesh Kumaran says

    I have been called mental, jerk,… Used abusive language and also physically assaulted. Will they call a blind, deaf, dumb, mute and those with locomotor disabilities by their illness. Or describe them in a funny way. Use pun against them. Will they address them as hey you blind as a newborn pussy ,
    Hey you cat and rat (cataract)
    hey you deaf as a bat,
    hey you dumb ass,
    Hey you hypertensive
    Hey you sugary diabetic
    Hey you cardiac case
    Hey you bariatric ware house
    hey you chicken legged etc. No. Such terminologies and similar attitudes and behaviors are invented only for people who have mental health issues .

  11. Ramesh Kumaran says

    If society and psychiatrists and our judiciary wants to change us from abnormals to normals then it's a good idea. But if this transformation takes a lifetime due to perverted societal perception and useless drugs and meanwhile you are forced to live an isolated existence then its a self defeating endeavour on the part of our society.
    Physically handicapped do not face issues of stigma and victimization. On the contrary they are pampered and given freebies like free loan, free job sans competition, free houses, free this, free that. Everything comes free. No price tags attached. They get everything for free. But people with mental health issues have to compete with the normals for resources by the rules set down by them and for them. We should be judged by a set of rules as prescribed by our illness. If physically challenged do not have to compete with their normal counterparts then why are we being forced to?They have their own paraolympics. Where only physically disabled participates.

  12. Ramesh Kumaran says

    When you loose every things that you most cherished in your life, then that's a huge disaster. And that isn't normal. Personally I would like to be considered as a psychologically challenged person having mental health issues which demands a different set of behavior from others and expectations. That's how others should show their consideration. Unfortunately in India, that's far from the truth. You are not only stigmatized here, but also victimized at every walk of your life. That doesn't sound normal at all. People who have obesity, hypertension, diabetes are considered normal because the criteria for normalcy is dictated largely by our politics, ministry of health, judiciary, human resource ministry, culture, tradition, societal values, peer groups and their combined distorted and perverted perception of mental illness. Otherwise they won't allocate a meagre 40 crores for mental health program and thousands and thousands of crores to some other preventable health issue. This is discrimination. This again isn't normal.

  13. Sigita Diamond says

    Talking about it is great, but it doesn’t solve the problem for example psychosis is such a hard thing to explain no one can even comprehend how hard it is. Doctors never solve the problem people need therapy and. No one should judge…

  14. Jodie Silbaugh says

    This video is gentle, and there is help, but, not everything works for everyone, and, so dont give up. I also find, if I can get outside, that is a big help! Also, eating good food, and laughing about almost everything, life is too short to be sad, helps my thoughts.

  15. TheDodoRex says

    Why are you depressed just be happy

  16. Tracie Attword says

    I've given up. I get good then it comes bk 10x worse.

  17. Fergal Oneill says

    Millions of people have mental illness were not alone

  18. Hi Hi says


  19. rainbow brite says

    Very true. I’ve stopped trusting people like mind or the nhs with mental health issues

  20. LIL SIDE DRE says

    Though few openly exspres themselves at multiple angles of life there are a multitude of people who actually overcome mental health alone or with help

  21. Winter Onyx Swan-miller says

    Pls subscribe to my new channel I need all people to help me build it up currently it’s all about chihuahuas they are funny but the more subscribers then I want to talk about mental health from a normal person point of view as I have many illnesses that nobody wants to talk about as I’m “crazy” so please feel the love and subscribe ❤️❤️❄️❄️??

  22. Lucinda Luella says

    https://youtu.be/LKhqJXYLM9I I love your charity shops

  23. Belshirash 666 says

    My Problem comes from my very early childhood…

  24. iamChosen says

    Hey, Im a spoken word artist. I created a piece shedding light on resiliency and strength. Mental health is important and individuals feeling alone and weak I just want to let you know you are strong and you can make it. ❤
    I would appreciate it if you listened to it and left your feedback!

  25. Carolyn Lyford Sullivan says

    I have depression , panic or I would call them terror attacks and ADD . I feel horrible saying this but I must say it . If you seek help you will be stigmatized for the rest of your life . I am 61 . I was about 32 when dx . I had a husband and eventually 3 children . Without going into detail my husband left the family only to show up about 1 1/2 years latter . I have been living in hell ever since . My mental heath and my psychiatric records have been open for the world to read . My ex husband for years has been trying via court ect . to take my children . My mental heath has always been his excuse . Be very careful . I never dreamed I would be living in hell . The world can be a dark place with people who have no soul .

  26. Vicky Cook says

    I think people don’t want to listen to people who have mental health problems because there are too many people who have depression, anxiety, schizophrenia I myself have battle with depression and anxiety since I was a very young child. I also have seen my mother suffer with schizophrenia and for me, my dad my sister and young brother i must say it’s has been one of the most hardest times of my life that my sister and I had to look after ourselves and 6 year old brother( I was 11 and my sister was 13) we couldn’t go out like normal kids. My dad took the most of it he was accused of cheating on my mum with a woman called philipa who she thought he had seven kid to. She also nearly lost my dad his job as she was knocking on the doors people who were staying where my dad worked (he was a head chef and we lived in a top floor flat in the staff quarters) she thought people were poisoning her, she would knock on random doors and accuse them of sleep with my dad. She also thought she was a radio at one point. In the end she came into my bedroom crying saying she has to leave and will be back she packed a few things and left by the time my dad got home she had gone. She got a taxi 20 miles to a seaside town gave the taxi driver £110 and walked 15 miles bare footed through fields in the dark to my great aunties house who went mad at my dad for letting her leave. My mam has had three nervous breakdowns two due to not wanting to take her Medication. In the end my mam and dad got a divorce and I lived with my mam while my other siblings lived with my dad we also found out she has 6 different personality’s if I we knew what was happening then we would have done things different I wish the government would teach young people to go and get help and support and teach people not to think negative about having mental health problems

  27. OMJ! says

    Very positive video. Hope this helps many people. My channel itself exists for mental health awareness, and I’m creating videos for just that. Love and peace to all. We are here, YOU are not alone. ?

  28. A.S. Minor says

    I am an avid #MentalHealthAwareness advocate and performer, and I love this so much. I travel the country trying to bring that awareness on stages, in classrooms, hospitals, and on my YouTube channel, so I get excited when I see other advocates. ?❤

  29. Unjay Emmanuel says

    There is cure for mental illness, sometimes you are talking to ur Dr and they don't understand. Thing is sometimes some drugs may not work but after taking another drug u can come back to try the first one and it can work. And your Dr matters too because some drug combinations have severe side effect. But you should be able to get good drugs within a year.

  30. Sarah NcNab says

    I have phillophobia

  31. aj mac says

    I'm tried of being called mentally ill just because I think and feel different , no more labels

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