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Mental Health: A Conversation (ft. Gabbie Hanna) | Doctor Mike


Apparently, Gabbie and I love to chat all things health. So much so that we ended up getting two great videos from our ask doctor mike recording session. This is 27 minutes long but I felt wrong to cut anything out of it as it all seemed relevant and important.

This video is almost a completely unedited conversation we had when we first sat down to record the original Ask Doctor Mike video you saw a few weeks ago. We discuss the rise of anxiety and depression as well as some of the inaccurate portrayal of mental health currently in media. If you have comments or questions based on this video please do drop them down below so that I can address them.

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If you or a loved one is in immediate danger calling 911 and talking with police may be necessary. It is important to notify the operator that it is a psychiatric emergency and ask for an officer trained in crisis intervention or trained to assist people experiencing a psychiatric emergency.

National Suicide Hotline (please call if you need to 24/7): 1-800-273-8255
National Alliance on Mental Illness Helpline: 1-800-950-6264

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Dr. Mikhail Varshavski D.O. ( dr mike )

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  1. Nina Castillo says

    I couldn’t keep watching. She’s so annoying

  2. Lana Katić says

    My mom is a great example to this story. For the majority of her life she had skin conditions which were when medically treated only getting worse. By getting worse i mean she was allegedly allergic to anything and everything. The doctor said to her "Mam there must be something in your life that makes you incredibly sick, your body is eating itself alive from not being able to deal with stress. If you don't get rid of the thing that's stressing you in your life mentally there is nothing that modern medicine can do for you"

  3. Chanel Clipston says

    This video is funny because you can tell Gabbi feels attracted to Dr.Mike lololol

  4. Alex Martinez says

    So what is the purpose behind a watch and a Fitbit?

  5. Justin Coetsee says

    I learned so much in this video, thanks for posting stuff like this!

  6. XxdogoxX says


  7. owl zzzy says

    Hey Dr Mike , I love your videos and how you are focusing on mental health as much as physical health. It would be really great if you could talk about how some physical illnesses impact mental health such as Lupus and HHH syndrome.

  8. Theron Gertz says

    Gabbie needs to…. not talk

  9. bunin The says

    “I will”

  10. Lupia Jackson says

    I cried 2 times till this video when they talked about childhood…..

  11. Ashley says

    Sure lmfao

  12. Lil K Smo says

    I love how she’s trying to tell him his wrong

  13. Veronica Bondar says

    Never realized how much I needed someone to talk about some of these topics. This video means a lot to me, so thank u❤️ Also I love all of your videos!

  14. •minnie • says

    Saw the title and starting laughing

  15. Barkha Hazarika says

    Man I really Like you more as a person and appreciate your efforts that you do. You are really doing a good job. Keepit up.??

  16. Kamber Baugh says

    trauma and comedy go hand in hand.

  17. -_-Jude -_- says

    Why cant she just stfu for one second?

  18. NA - 08CC - Camilla Road Sr PS (1353) says

    5:14 where you at Shane? ?

  19. Lara E. says

    Ok so I've been suffering from severe ulcerative colitis for 7 years. Tried all meds, had surgery, still suffering.
    And I can not for the life of me withhold my sadness. On bad days I break down and cry. If someone asks me about my experience with this illness, I cry (yes at job interviews too, I hate it).
    When my mom is angry at me, I cry. I can't hold back tears for more than a few seconds. Idk if this is good or bad. I like being able to let it out but I feel so stupid for crying sometimes.
    (I feel my eyes welling up as I write this)

    Idk if anyone will read this, but if you did : Thank you <3

  20. Daniyal A says

    Crushing the charts? The only song of hers that charted on the Billboard 100 peaked at #126 so…

  21. Hannah Nicole says

    Take a shot every time Gabbie Hanna says "yeah"

  22. Ma.Cecilia Imbien says


  23. Iamarobotbanana4 says

    Did Doctor Mike watch Leon Lush?

  24. vicky wen says

    Love dr Mike but gabby has real bad energy

  25. Silver Punchez says

    this didn’t age well….

  26. Teodora Apetri says

    I?climbed?️‍♂️out?of?my?head?And??watched?️myself?implode?A thought?️without⚔️a body?‍♀️ Ought?to be a shot?to take?a load??Off?my brain?is poisoned?And?I'm?‍♀️searching?‍♀️for the antidote?But?every time⌛I find it?My?defenses scream?, "Oh, no you don't!"? w0aH?

  27. Paola Flores-Fuentes says

    whos here during 2020 when she’s cancelled

  28. Amedeus98 Breto says

    Thank you for bringing this subject of mental health. I live with mental issues and I always say my condition has no black and blues. Some view these as a weakness which can be harder as a male human being.

  29. Ines pacheco says

    my brain? is poisoned? and I’m searching? for the anecdote? but every time⏰ iℹ️find?? it? my✨defenses? scream? oh no❌ you don’t? woah?

  30. Bima Moussaoui says

    Dr mike: u can't diagnose someone from a youtube video.
    Every shitty person in the comment section: i think she's hiding her trauma by laughing to serious things dr Mike is saying.
    Me: please die

  31. S DMA says

    Dr Mike has such a methodical approach to mental health. It would be cool if he were a therapist. He seems like someone who really listens

  32. Kathryn Rose says

    Does anyone here watch Id*****7? It's about idols and the center has a respiratory disease and sometimes he gets attacks when he remembers his sad childhood memories. Now I understand why. Thank you Doc Mike!

  33. Things `n Stuff says

    This did not age well.

  34. Ala’a Atari says

    Shane Dawson has left the chat

  35. Zennith Zephyr says

    Through my whole issue with my cyclic vomiting I only had one nurse who thought it might have to do with anxiety or my past eating disorder, everyone brushed it off. I've been really trying to work on why I've been having so much difficulty with gaining weight and just working internally and I've finally gone 6 months without vomiting for no reason. I haven't been to the hospital for it since then. I'm finally gaining weight again. Mental health matters. They couldn't find anything physical so I kept getting brushed aside.

  36. Katriane M says

    Sold. “…the difference between a narcissistic personality trait and narcissistic personality disorder…”

    Yes! This is one of the major things holding back our ability to change people’s perception of mental health issues.

  37. Shane Fleming says

    You should collab with Gabbie again once COVID goes away

  38. Mary Waters says

    Me knowing future Gabbie is happy with Peyton ?

  39. Abbygailjb says

    I loved this video it really brings light to mental health, and shows that having mental health problems are normal. I have dealt with mental health problems for my whole I was recommended this book called "The Body Keeps Score" it is somewhat medically and psychologically advanced; Note I have also been in therapy for over a decade so I've been exposed to the terminology in the book. I found it really helped me understand why I might react one way and my peers around do not. Because I am young and many of my peers have not experienced the events I have gone through in life (that I am aware of) they do not have the capability to empathize or even imagine, which I struggled with but the book really helped me understand and cope with not always being understood. Know your not alone and other people experience similar feelings to you, you just don't know it. "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always." – Unknown.

  40. Kermit Trusty says

    Why do american doctors seem more efficient with treatment than our free health care in the uk? Our doctors never delve into this or ask the things you say- neither do most therapists. Makes me want to move to America or somewhere else asap :/

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