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Me & Flight vs TJass & Jenna Bandy 2v2 Basketball!


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Me & Flight vs TJass & Jenna Bandy 2v2 Basketball

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  1. CashNasty says

    Enjoy xD

  2. Keith Doran says

    CashNasty traveled like 10x in this video ??

  3. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says

    fair teams would be jenna and cash vs tjass and flight

  4. togba zulu says

    Man you and flight have been demoted to a minus (-) Hooper??

  5. Djnathan14 says

    cash really broke his back carrying flight

  6. Kvng Juliian says

    Easily one of the best of games I’ve ever seen

  7. matuopm says

    7:03 ?

  8. matuopm says

    come on cash. 1st two possessions and u turn the ball over ?!

  9. Pajama Kid says

    4:25 bruh flights screen lmaoo

  10. Nicolas Marselli says


  11. Brian Williams says

    Let's go tjass??❤☝?????

  12. Jay Rob says

    Why does the rim sound like that?

  13. Dirty Baker says

    Nice defense on TJass Cash! Impressive. He's a really tough cover.

  14. xxghostdelta13xx says

    Anyone know why cash goes left but he’s a right handed shooter?

  15. Nalu_boyy says

    This post to be a blowout game ?

  16. raz iel says

    You know someone will bout to score when the music changes

  17. ThePsychosis says

    Wanna see more tjay and his mom.crazy chemistry

  18. jonah hdz says

    black vs white

  19. Jack Toma says

    5:05 I’m very proud of flight he read his defender when she put her foot out he attacked the correct side and he’s never really thought ab that till now when he’s been improving

  20. Birddog says

    That was basically a one v two

  21. Marko Jovanovic says

    What is this shit??? like watching a kids play xD

  22. Robert Franklin says

    jenna, you are awesome

  23. Rozy2K says

    this game ain’t valid flight could barely move

  24. nirenberg190 says

    Cash wasn’t hurt he was gassed… that’s why all his 1 v 1’s have half times lol

  25. Richard Gooowheel says

    I don’t care cash was locking up Tjass??‍♂️?

  26. Rocket And groot says

    Cash tjass and aj would be a fire 3v3 team

  27. Lyte H20 says

    Cash had a real hard time guarding tjass

  28. MySky MyCloud says

    Lol Cash tired after one game – TJass could run 4 more

  29. Acekee Entertainment says

    How tall is T jazz? Like 5’9?

  30. Charles Damn says

    comes here after cash react to how to stop t jass lol

  31. Hasan Khan says

    5:14 when my mom orders pizza for dinner

  32. Runi Sharankov says

    ya'll shouldn't be allowed to step on a court

  33. HighSpinSwingSpeed says

    7:01 Cash took 4 steps missed got the rebound and took 4 more steps.

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