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0:00 Intro
0:16 QOTD
0:33 FFA Deathmatch Mode
1:38 New Ranked Mode
3:20 New Agent
5:04 Agent Changes
6:21 Battle Pass & New Skins
8:40 What We Think
9:19 Outro

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  1. 8-BitBanana says

    QOTD: maybe see a buff to sova like making the drone last longer?

  2. Tudy CM says

    Answer:i think that it would be cool to have skins on characters too like a ONI vaper

  3. Ulysse Youlountas says

    QOTD : i want a lefthanded viewmodel

  4. Yazan Saleh says

    are we going to have to activate killjoys’ contract and finish tier 1 to open the agent? that means im gonna have to wait 2 more weeks to try her out!

  5. 4.req.4 says

    2:34 bro he’s godly wit the sniper damn

  6. 4.req.4 says

    QOTD kicking system like seige ifykyk your able to kick afk people and let new people join

  7. OP matt says

    Valorant needs a gamemode that you can leave

  8. Thanotrick says

    qotd : i really want riot to make mm based on language because the game is comms reliant and most SEA players cant speak english.

  9. icewolf 66 says

    QOTD: votekick

  10. Trav-D says

    Pretty disappointed there is not going to be a visible Act 1 badge to other players since they do not want anyone to be embarrassed…The point of playing competitive is to prove how good you are

  11. The Quake says

    I hit lvl 50 battle pass in 2 weeks of playing this game, thats a lotta hours for 2 weeks

  12. Azluv Azaan says

    Raze doesn't need to be nerfed, she needs to be fucking deleted

  13. OtakuGamer 321 says

    Killjoy is a literal killjoy to the enemy team,

  14. Chaos 07 says

    QOTD: I want a my career like stats and replay mode

  15. SoraXD GT says

    5:53 why would you do that?

  16. SoraXD GT says

    QOTD: i want to see knife death matches in small new maps..like in the moon with less gravity..it must be fun jumping around flying knifing people

  17. Nathan Garcia says

    As a Raze main, I'm sad.

  18. darius mallmes says

    I love the fact that they plan on nerfing ryze she is insanely easy to kill basically anyone with her and being able to throw a satchel throw smoke to see if their is someone their and her ult I feel has to much of a radius.

  19. Elykas says

    How can you make raze worse? I swear since that small one ult point nerf she can't kill shit with boombot or ult, she sucks, and she was my main 🙁

  20. TJ says

    QOTD: I want replay system too workshop maps total kills wins aces and total up time in stats

  21. King Storm says

    Valorant URF?

  22. c0sm1c says

    The music in this video made it very hard to sit through.

  23. Eren Şenkal says

    QOTD: I want skins to be tradeable

  24. AeJylhis says

    Sage Nerf: No longer self-heal is the only thing I can see happening. Idk. I know that Reyna heals herself and stuff, but that's kinda her gig, and she has to kill someone to do it, and it could make her get into some pretty big doodoo if she's in a bad position.

    Sage? Heals allies (Or don't, ala selfish Sage players), or 1v5, kill 2-3 guys, hide, heal self, and wipe. That's kinda why I see so many "high-tier" Sages main her so much. She's broken in the right hands, like Reyna. Sage's kill potential is on par, or even better than Reyna's (except when Reyna goes Empress). Removing her ability to self-heal will be the right direction to go.

    Break that Mountain down.

  25. Aaron アーロン says

    whoa sked raze to be nerfed

  26. King Jamison says

    QOTD: I want a mode similar to capture the point but still with the spike gameplay of valorant. Both teams are on attack the point is somewhere around the map and the teams have to pick it up plant it in their designated site (if there is a C site then the middle site will be unversal) if it's in their site for 40 seconds and explodes they win and vise versa. If the spike is A site then the other team needs to defuse the spike and plant it in B site. It would probably go for 5 rounds since the the rounds would take longer

  27. Dotto Dis says

    Still not a bother support agent
    Sage will be op forever
    Mercy 2.0

  28. League Of Gamers says

    Qotf: it would be pretty good to have a special agent training for each agent before you unlock it. Like having a training game using that agent against bots in all possible scenarios before being able to use the character in pubs or ranked. This way players would be able to hop into games knowing a bit more about the character they unlocked

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