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Marvel Studios' Avengers – Official Trailer


Part of the journey is the end.

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  1. And A Oop says

    when doctors find a hopeful cure
    Doctors to Us: This Is Gonna Work Guys
    Everyone to them: I know it is. We don’t know what we’re gonna do if it doesn’t

  2. Bradyn Kerr says

    COVID: I am inevitable
    Doctors: whatever it takes
    Nurses: whatever it takes
    Health community’s: whatever it takes

    Introverts: this is gonna work bro
    Outroverts: I know it is, cause I don’t know what I’m gonna do if it doesn’t

  3. Tigue The Spectacular says

    They foreshadowed black widows death in this no cap 😳

  4. GODZILLA II says

    The Avengers theme is not like old theme

  5. ChickenAnimates Studios says

    I remember it was the end of the school day when this came out everyone was watching this on my phone and we were all so hyped great memories

  6. Efrain Junior says

    In 2012…
    They saved the battle of New York.

    In 2015…
    They defeated an evil called Ultron.

    In 2018…
    They lost the fight of an Mad Titan called Thanos.

    They've must save the universe with half of the population to get the Infinity Stones to bring everyone back.

  7. Jarule Door says

    Remember when people thought this was going to be a good movie…

    Oh how wrong they were

  8. Porginator says

    I remember seeing this trailer for the first time. I was just watching Netflix and suddenly I got this notification and I just clicked on it and it was awesome. I got so hyped for the movie. I bought tickets as soon as they were available and couldn't think about anything else. I watched every trailer and every TV spot. And then. 24th of April. I could finally watch this goddamn movie. And it was great. I was so euphoric. I cried when Tony died. I loved this movie and I will never get this hyped for something again

  9. Crazy Person says

    Honestly this is where they should have ended the MCU in my opinion would have been a very strong ending to the universe

  10. I always Get up says

    2020 August?

  11. M Hashim PJ says

    "Everybody wants a happy ending…. but.. it doesn't always roll that way… "

    Still in 2020 this trailer make me cry….

  12. Zax Plays says

    I think Avengers : Secret Wars Or Avengers 4 will be released in april 25

  13. Akbar Tan says

    This covid 19 maybe 50%thanos plan 😭😭

  14. Gaming With Josh says

    I dont care what anybody says infinity war and endgame were LITERALLY THE HYPEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME!!!!!

  15. Vinu's YT says

    Teaser: Iron man is dead .😭
    Trailer: Iron man is not dead. 😎🔥
    Movie: Iron man is dead😭😭

  16. Lucila G B says

    El corona vino a terminar lo que Thanos no pudo.

  17. David Smith says

    <So the entire world was saved because a feminist saved Tony from space and a random rat activated the Quantum Realm machine. Rubbish.>

  18. SID tech says

    Just give us Captain America as chris evans mcu

  19. Boki Tsiboho says

    1:49 Background chorus
    "They'll save us. They'll bring us home."

  20. iiLogan says

    Shocking how this movie was released over a year ago. Time flies.

  21. Nain Martinez says

    Jesus did exactly what he said was going to do. He raptured all those who believed in him.

  22. Uche Ogbechie says

    how can there be 51K disliked?!

  23. Uche Ogbechie says

    fracking coronavirus, achieving what Thanos couldn't

  24. Raging Banana says

    We Lost 2

  25. Raging Banana says

    we lost😭

  26. Torrie Creamer says

    Imagine how much it would suck if this movie was scheduled for 2020

  27. krishna parnami says

    My favourite movie of my entire life are
    Avengers Endgame, Avatar, Titanic and Robot 2.O

  28. Rifat Chowdhury says

    One of the best trailers ever

  29. Mawi Pwan says

    Everytime I watch this kind of trailer, I always got goosebumps, EVERYTIME.

  30. Bella Nath says

    I was wish the infinity stone was real, so we can do a snap to decimitacion this Corona

  31. Vibgyor says

    idk y but i remember coming back from school and watching this trailer

    i still remember the date

  32. Deepak Kumar says

    You can not live with Iron Man death 😭 where that brings you?
    Back to the Trailer ❤️

  33. Natalie Gray says

    Some people stopped watching this but not us

  34. ahboiahh says

    Wish I could wipe my memory and watch this movie again

  35. AG47 says

    legends say marvel just release the movie in April just to get Avengers Logo in A of april.

  36. Night Shade says

    I think JOSH BROLIN should receive an Oscar for his role as Thanos. He was just incredible.

  37. Elliso Alarcon says

    Thanos fails docter strange where in the corona game now

  38. Jordan X08 says

    When everybody thought Galactus would show up at the end of the movie

  39. Blue Tiger Inc. Studios says

    I saw this 6 mins after it released. It had less than 100 comments. Now let me dive into these 300,000 ones

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