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Marlins COVID OUTBREAK, Verlander Done for Season? …and more (MLB Recap)


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  1. Mitchell The goat says

    Jus took a dub stayed up till midnight for me to watch it. The closer in the eleventh looked really good David Phelps he went 6 up 6 down ?

  2. Ibraheem Rao says

    This has me worried.

  3. Kim Olsen says

    Verlander is not out for the season

  4. My Teams Suck says

    Baseball better not get cancelled

  5. Stan says

    What does MLB stand for?

    Major league Ben Wang?

  6. Videogamelover58 says

    I am getting very concern right now with MLB

  7. Love JetFuel says

    What a complete balls up this year has been. And by the way, the Marlins had more then a small chance to get into the playoffs, MLB is adding 6 more teams that can qualify. Plus the team on paper was better this year, and right out of the gate they looked strong.

  8. Wisconsin Sports Fan says

    Great vid. The Marlins could be canceled the team could be. Maybe?

  9. ProGamerGalaxy says

    Hopefully the season won't get canceled

  10. Francisco Hernandez says

    Honestly this season won’t count for all of teams, it will always carry that asterisk that a significant amount of teams were limited, hopefully this doesn’t escalate, regardless I appreciate baseball being back.

  11. Tyler Stenger says

    Great Video Ryan

  12. JackJohnson34_ says

    Hoping we’ll see the Brewers play tonight ⚾️

  13. CayChase 19 says

    You should react to the Brewers 10 run 1st inning from a couple years ago

  14. Noah Conley says

    Verlander isn’t done he tweeted it’s a false report

  15. Met Brews says

    Im worried that the NFL will not finish the season because they are doing the same thing as the MLB, but with more time and more contact.

  16. Yankees Fan 1229 says

    Yeah I don’t know what the Marlins were doing and btw when will the Favorite Players Tier List Video be uploaded?

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