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Marble Race: Marble League 2019 Qualifiers


The Qualification round of the Marble League 2019 (former MarbleLympics), 20 teams with 5 marbles each will compete for 12 qualification spots for the Marble League 2019.

Here’s The Opening Ceremony and first event:

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– In the Underwater Race, the top finish cam was working, but the footage was corrupted after rendering this video and I haven’t a backup of it. However, I still managed to get the results.
– SPOILER: In the final standings at 16:25, there’s an error in the score of Team Primary, they have 7 points.

Commentary: Greg Woods
Music: Minos Fylaktos
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  2. Ahmad Fahmi Rizki says

    I Love You Hazer… From Indonesia

  3. Rohan Sharma says

    The fight for no reason was intense. Never had seen marbles lose it. Love the intense competition. As always, love the whole production value, the detailed work the team does and your commentary.

  4. Lucian Daniel says

    Way too much free time…

  5. Frankish Celt says

    This is so entertaining to watch…I think I am going to give my support the Rojo Rollers…fear the RR's ! lol

  6. matt hubbard says

    I’m pretty sure the Green Ducks are doping.

  7. Shane Spencer says

    Almost a Donnybrook, but more or less a TIlly between Racers Fans and Team Galactic.
    Pretty intense for a qualifier.

  8. Sérgio Guimarães says

    Amigo não consigo encontrar destas bolinhas.

  9. Sérgio Guimarães says

    Onde encontro estas bolinhas coloridas.

  10. Sérgio Guimarães says

    Onde encontro destas bolinhas.

  11. Jon Demus says

    Seriously fans! Throwing garbage on the track is not permitted especially given this level of racing

  12. xzero1299 says

    Good to see Momomomo had a full recovery

  13. Frédéric TONTON says

    For marbles games lovers, a new competition was born earlier this month : https://youtu.be/yg70-BAGPCw

  14. Jeremy Boateng says

    anybody else suppose to be doing homework

  15. EvolvingFetus says

    Don't do drugs kids.

  16. DiscoClam says

    Why… is this so exciting to watch?

  17. musickid43 says

    Once I saw the coaches arguing with the ref and the fight break out in the fans I knew I have to watch more of this.

  18. The Old Beekeeper says

    Lol "just show boating at this point… You can see the impatience of all the marbles that have crossed the finish line"

  19. Lionel Lewis says

    limer fans always causing problems

  20. Enrique Pontoh says

    I miss my pinky

  21. Brian Rodriguez says

    I know this is a match from last year but everytime I see Razzy out there doing his thing, I keep thinking to myself "Why is he not considered one of, if not THE top face of this damn sport!?"

    I understand that there's always been politics behind the scenes in this sort of thing but at the same time I really feel like the reason we're not seeing him on cereal boxes is because this boy is all about the competition. He doesn't get flashy, he doesn't show boat, no, he just runs his race and it's that bittersweet feeling that you want him to continue to stay humble and be true to the spirit of the game but you also want him to have his moment to the shine in the Sun.

    This is why the Rasberry Racers are quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

  22. John Joseph Manlongat says

    Fans: We want to punch YOU!, Nani

  23. John Joseph Manlongat says

    Raspberry Racers: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  24. John Joseph Manlongat says


  25. Heidrosign says

    Okay, it took me too long to realise it is not a real national competition.

  26. N P says

    I love the scraps in the fans

  27. Fernando Azeredo says

    Me at the beginning: Maaan this is a waste of time


  28. KerryAnnePhysics says

    OMG! The fight was perfect!!!

  29. Breanna says

    They’re fighting ??

  30. Matt Osmulski says

    Joe Rogan brought me here

  31. Beardyvlogger says

    Who is here because of Joe Rogan?

  32. Johnathan Salazar says

    The amount of effort put into this is unmatched

  33. حسام 777 says


  34. the1prod says

    Hannibal Buress brought me here, he mentioned marble racing in his Joe Rogan podcast episode

  35. Aoife The Best says

    Team Momo and The Hazers were my teams before, and now the Green Ducks have joined them

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