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Man punches girl: New video gives new look at basketball brawl


WISN 12 News has obtained new video with a different angle showing a coach taking a swing at a 15-year-old girl, a basketball player.

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  1. Bryan Myers says

    Punks to the core. Po me attitude what a shame to their so called matterness!

  2. chinniwonkenobi says

    He was attacked 1st

  3. Eros Hermes says

    Fake news

  4. Eros Hermes says

    Too much editing

  5. Mauro Ariel Alegre says

    Of course it was a racist incident!!! Black people hate normal citizens…

  6. MAGNUM BONG says

    Fake news can't call it even it is on video.

  7. Nathan M. says
  8. revparisking says

    Yea sorry but the guy in red and the guy in all black need to be arrested as well as never be allowed on any school grounds again. They blindsided the guy on white.
    The basketball player who attacked the coach needs to be expelled and never allowed to play HS sports again. The guy in all white needs to be arrested for hitting a juvenile though any half hearted attorney will be able to get him off for self defense because he was attacked first by 3 different people.

  9. vla1ne says

    This man on that bull. Race had nothing to do with this. The player, her mother, and everybody attacking that coach was in the wrong. Self defense has nothing to do with racism.

  10. Tatiana Krasiuk says

    Jury nullification for the cop. Take a knee for justice.

  11. Fikitupper says

    I am keeping my children away from black students. I hate to say this, but this unprovoked violent behavior is frighting and whats worse is that no charges are placed.

  12. Sean 85 says

    Show me a video of the blonde hair blue eyed girl attacking a man like that

  13. LaCokaNostra81 says

    Those white girls GTFO

  14. Jfw 321 says

    They need police security at that game from now on.

  15. meowza says

    He was being attacked by multiple people he had every right to defend himself. The girl should have acted like one and stayed out of a male fight if getting hit by a man was going to bother her.

  16. Bob Oso says

    The mom got punched by her own kin and lost a tooth…..and blamed the other guys. It's on video. The teen came up from behind, he had no idea who was behind him.

  17. Valentina says

    Tbh, looks like they all going to jail for that brawl. Coach is right, probably wouldn’t of said much to a white kid yelling at players and coaches but that’s not the case rn and they snuck him and jumped him… now what did that coach say?????!!! I can only see what the video shows which to me means they all get charged for the fight and the coach does go in for hitting minors BUT WHAT WAS THE CONVERSATION ??‍♀️

  18. Briq Wall says

    Equal rights come with equal lefts.

  19. Duane Grogans says

    Dumb of the coach, dumb of the parents and family that got involved. Just trash… My daughter is 14 and plays bball, luckily she was raised right and isn't acting a fool like that, BUT if a grown man hit my kid in the face, I'd be going to jail that night for sure.

  20. Hmac JB says

    A BT 1000

  21. Sislertx says

    So.videos lie.


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